The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Review

Imagine what would happen if you took a half season of The Walking Dead TV show mashed it together with deus ex and drizzled it with the best aspects of a modern vr game. What you might end up with is a game. That’S oppressively tense and brutal, but also relentlessly tugging you on to explore every corner of its iconic post-apocalyptic world. What you might end up with is the Walking Dead, saints and sinners, and it absolutely nails it while Telltale’s The Walking Dead series accomplished some truly great feats of cinematic storytelling and meaningful decision making in its hostile and zombie riddled world. It never gave you free rein to do whatever you wanted, something that, like human brains, the Walking Dead fans have craved since the very beginning, The Walking Dead, saints and sinners, on the other hand, scratches that edge with the Grace and confidence of a well-lubricated bowie knife.

There’S nothing wrong with wanting to live, free and kill zombies or Walker’s at your own leisure and you’ve. Never gotten to do it like this. This or this you spend it’s roughly 15 to 18 hour Campaign playing as the tourist, a storied survivor, who seems to be immune to the fictional virus. That makes everybody a little more biting in The Walking Dead universe.

Most of the Earth’s population is either dead or Walking Dead and humanity’s drive towards culture and society are all but replaced by rampant survivalism. The tourist is primarily a shelf for you to insert your own personality into, but with decent voice. Acting that gives life to each dialogue option just another survivor, much like Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect series. After picking up a rumor about a limitless hotbed of supplies called the reserve, you meet with your old buddy ornery and head out into the sunken remains of a New Orleans that split into several open ended zones full of resources to find in different factions fighting for Control the map can feel a little nondescript or even claustrophobic at times, but it’s a delight to discover its alternate entry ways and secrets, though the story can sometimes feel pretty thin between long periods of exploring looting, killing and crafting. It’S refreshing that you get to define who you are through your own decisions in a setting.

That’S is meticulously detailed and open-ended as this you weren’t exactly polite. The last time we had a chat while saints and sinners isn’t exactly the first of its kind. This caliber of storytelling reaches a height that VR games have otherwise yet to achieve central to the tension of saints and sinners. Is that you only get so much time each day to do things before the cities bells are rung and the streets flood with ravenous corpses.

Once you go to sleep, the number of undead you encounter the following day increases. This, creates a compelling risk, reward choice between pushing your luck, past dark or playing it safe at the cost of worse odds tomorrow, driving the tension of the entire game. That dilemma would be perfectly manageable, if not for the fact that you only have a limited amount of inventory space.

You also have to continue crafting or finding new weapons, as your old ones fall apart. That forces you to make each swing in each shot count and since you have to actually swing and a with your real-world appendages, saints and sinners becomes the perfect storm for adrenaline junkies. Luckily, the inventory management is intuitive and feels great picking up items and placing them into your backpack is as simple as throwing them over your shoulder and to access them again. You simply grab the pack off your back and pull items out of there neatly arranged slots.

Meanwhile, weapons can be holstered in convenient slots on your waist and back while your journal and flashlight fits snugly on your chest. It’S a for more interactive example of inventory management than simply tapping on a menu screen. Limited stamina is also a worry running out, makes you slow and unable to swing, aim or run away, meaning it’s all the more critical to land each and every blow with finesse.

Likewise, having a strong weapon or beefed up stamina pool makes you feel satisfyingly powerful, but never so much that you let your guard down keeping combat engaging, even as you get stronger if you do die to the shambling hordes you’re forced to respawn at the start of The map, while the dayz clock, is still ticking, and you only get one chance to reclaim your inventory before it’s gone forever. This mixed with the fact that your health and stamina pools are decreased when you die is a perfect formula for some of the most terrifying moments you can have in a VR headset, but that terror is met with an equal amount of satisfaction. If you can make it out with your loot, it is disappointing. The progression is pretty linear, with only a few tech trees to branch out in and no mutual exclusivity between them.

There’S nothing stopping you from unlocking every possible upgrade at the crafting stations, in short order. Just as long as you can find the right components by scrapping items you find in the world similar to fallout 4 using the newfound upgrades is fun and there are some recipes that you have to find out when the hidden nooks and crannies of the world. But there’s no sense of personalizing your tourist beyond that The Walking Dead, saints and sinners is a noteworthy step forward for vr gaming, proving that a deus ex, like action RPG, can feel right at home in a headset. Every element clearly has a level of thought and care behind it: swirling survival, horror and role-playing staples together with nuance, even though character customization can feel limited in the story. A bit short developer, skydance Interactive, is off to an excellent start for more on the ever-growing world of VR games, check out our reviews of ass cards, wrath or Bone works and for everything else, VR or otherwise. Keep it right here on IGN

The Difference between Gambling & Insurance (Insurance #2)

Gambling and insurance are unfair bets. Hmm … so … why would anyone ever gamble or insure? The answer lies in risk. Informally, risk is the variability in your future well-being.

To illustrate, imagine two 50-50 bets. In Bet 1, you’re either up $1M or down $1M. In Bet 2, you’re either up $1 or down $1.

Bet 1 is riskier than Bet 2. Because with Bet 1, there is greater variability in your future well-being. The one fundamental difference between gambling and insurance is that gambling increases risk, while insurance decreases it. Say that to enter a bet, you first pay the house $1. If the specified event occurs, your payout is $301, so that your net gain is $300. Suppose the event is: “roulette ball lands on 6”.

Then this bet increases your risk and is gambling. Let’s see why. The two possible outcomes are “ball lands on 6” and “it doesn’t”. If you bet, you’re either up $300 or down $1. Your well-being varies a lot across future outcomes. But if you don’t bet, you’re unaffected either way.

Your well-being doesn’t vary across future outcomes. By betting, you increase the variability in your future well-being. In other words, the bet increases your risk. It is therefore gambling. Now, suppose instead the event is: “your phone is stolen”.

Then this bet decreases your risk and is insurance. Let’s see why. The two possible outcomes are “your phone is stolen” and “it isn’t”. If you don’t bet, then across those two outcomes, your well-being probably varies a lot.

But if you do bet, then in the first outcome, you’re down a phone but up $300. In the second, you’re down $1 but still have your phone. And so your well-being is probably similar across those two outcomes. By betting, you decrease the variability in your future well-being. In other words, the bet decreases your risk. It is therefore insurance.

So, again: Why would anyone ever gamble or insure? The quick answer is that some people like risk, while others dislike it. And so, even though both are unfair, some people like gambling, because it increases their risk. While others like insurance, because it decreases their risk.

But why do some people like risk while others dislike it? And is risk good? Or is it bad? In the next video, all will be revealed. Econ Cow!

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Due to the much anticipated Mayweather Pacquiao Fight I’m gonna teach you this card game So, Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!! Welcome to Bored Games, I’m Alberto. I’m not gonna teach you how to Jab or uppercut But I’ll teach you some boxing…the card game It doesn’t really require much skill, but it’s pretty fun Anyway, here are the supplies: One Deck of 52 Playing Cards A Piece of Paper (To Keep Score) A writing utensil Your Opponent And You You have all of your supplies? Great let’s set it up! 1. You and your opponent should sit across each other 2.

Take the cards and remove all of the Queens, Jacks, Kings and if you have Jokers remove them too, we’re not going to use them in this game 3. Make two Piles by separating the cards by color 4. Place either one pile of cards in front of your opponent and the other pile in front of you, make sure they’re facing with their backs up 5. At this time you and your opponent should shuffle your own respective decks 6. Then you and your opponent will trade decks (this will ensure, no cheating) 7. Using your respective decks, you and your opponent will each lay 12 cards in front of yourselves, like this.

So, the tableau should have 24 cards in total. 8. Place the remaining cards off to the side, for they will not be used in this match 9. Next, grab your piece of paper and fold it in half, hot-dog style is recommended 10.

Using the writing utensil, write numbers 1-12 on the margins, like so… 11. On the top of the left side of the paper, write player one’s name and on the right side of the paper write player two’s name 12. From Player 1’s point of view of the cards, going left to right will determine the number of rounds of this match based off of each set. To further clarify, if for example I am player 1, these set of cards will be 1, then 2, then 3, 4…up 12, As previously stated these will determine each round of the fight Setting up, may seem tedious, however, it’s quite easy! More card games here:

Anyway, Let’s carry on. It’s time to teach you how to play the game! The premise of the game is to have the most points at the end of the game Per round, both players will flip their respective card The player who has the highest value card will win that round The player who wins the round will take the difference of their card and the card of their opponent and that will be their score. S/He will that number on their side of the paper.

For example: If the higher card is a 7 and the lower card is a 2 then the difference will be 5, thus the winner should write 5 on their side of the piece of paper If both players have the same value card it is considered a draw and depending if it is an ace or not, both players may move to the next round The Ace does not count as 1, but 11. And is considered a knockout card. If a player has an ace and the other player has another value that is lower than a value 5 card, then the other player is considered knocked out and has won the match. If the other player that has a value 5 or higher card will still lose the round, but they will not lose the match If both players have an ace in the same round they are both knocked out and it is considered a draw The game can end in either a draw or a win/loss.

The player with the highest score after all rounds wins, unless there is a knockout that ends the match beforehand. Perhaps this information seems confusing to some of you. So, I will play the game to you provide with some clarity. As always, I hope the example is easy for you to emulate and the instructions are easy to follow. In the comments section below, acknowledge a game which you would like to learn.

Want To Get Lucky in Online Casino

Go to using your smartphone your tablet or your home computer and then you can play games such as So Hot and Monkey in the Bank and some new games that I’m sure are going to be your favorites very soon. You can get credits to play with and if you run out you can exit the game and come back into brand-new credits it’s just that easy. While you are playing you can earn points which you can use to earn great rewards in our you can earn food credits hotel stays amenities at the spa and free play at your favorite Singapore online casino the more you play the more you earn. We will have lots more to share with you over the coming months including info about tournaments and other cool events that are exclusive to so give it a try and earn those benefits so tell me what kind of rewards are you looking forward playing online casinos. Let us know in the form on our website about casinos rating and your comments. Well that’s about it for the show but before we go we would like to congratulate James who just recently won over twenty thousand dollars playing online slots.

How AI will completely change video games

Whether you know it or not, you use artificial intelligence all the time. Maybe you own a smart speaker or you’ve seen a self-driving car or you’ve used Google Photos to search for images of your cat. Now, there’s also a good chance you’ve played a video game that happens to have some AI in it, like God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2. What may surprise you is that those two types of AI are not the same thing.

The AI in digital systems and autonomous vehicles is self-learning and really fast, but it’s also really unpredictable. Yet these two worlds are fast colliding, and once game developers have the right tools and the freedom to make games that really push the limits of AI, the results are going to be the stuff of science fiction. Over the years, AI has become really good at playing certain games.

Try beating your computer at chess on the hardest difficulty. It’s pretty much impossible. Or even if you’re a pro StarCraft player, DeepMind software can now crush you. I’m here, in the shadows. But the AI inside of a video game or live dealer casinos, that’s basically been building off the same core set of principles for decades.

Take, for instance, a classic game like Pac-Man. At different points, the ghosts evaluate where you are in the map and where you might be going, and then they either chase you, or they run away from you. It’s not exactly groundbreaking AI, but it is video game AI nonetheless. And what’s remarkable is that the AI you encounter in games today hasn’t really changed that much over the years. Two of the core components of commercial game AI are pathfinding and finite state machines.

Julian Togelius is a professor of computer science at NYU who spent years studying the intersection of gaming and artificial intelligence. He walked us through the basic toolkit that underpins a ton of video game AI. Pathfinding is how to get from point A to point B in a simple way, and it’s used in all games all the time. The finite state machine is a construct where an NPC can be in different states and move between them.

Real AI in commercial games is more complex than that, but those are some of the founding principles. So using these basics, developers have created ever-more realistic game worlds and characters, but that software is not exactly intelligent. That’s because game developers have yet to really utilize key advancements in the field of artificial intelligence research, namely deep learning. Through the deep learning revolution, researchers at universities and tech companies have made astounding progress at giving a machine the means to improve itself over time. But there’s a reason game developers aren’t using that type of AI to develop games. Typically, when you design a game, you want to know what the player will experience.

And for that, if you go in to evolve any AI there, you want the AI to be predictable. Now, if you just went and tossed in a neural network that was constantly adapting and learning from all the feedback it got from you, there’s a very good chance something unexpected might happen, and it could break the game. And that’s a problem for a designer. Imagine if every single character in Red Dead Redemption remembered all of your crimes, and you couldn’t even play anymore because everyone just took you down on sight. I’ll put your brains all over you.

The way designers think today when they’re designing games, they want predictability. And therefore, they want the relatively anemic AI we have in games today. What’s more useful for game makers is taking those traditional approaches, and trying them at unprecedented scales. If you play Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ve probably seen this clip. A player firing a warning shot, which shoots a bird right out of the sky. What makes it so interesting is that it isn’t a planned part of the game.

It’s completely random. What? The individual systems here, the way that bullets move through the sky, and where birds are programmed to fly around, those are not wildly different than the pathfinding Pac-Man ghosts. The difference in a game like Red Dead Redemption is that all of its many, many systems can overlap and run into one another.

The individual pieces aren’t intelligent, but when they come together, they trick you into thinking they are. Haven’t you brought enough misery upon us? Another game that’s great at this is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s a cohesive world where a few simple programming rules around weather, gravity, and even heat create endlessly surprising moments. You can use a makeshift torch to bake an apple while it’s still on a tree, or drop a bunch of these weird balloon things on a boat, and it’ll soar into the sky. Now, is this really AI?

Well, that kind of depends on who you ask. Some argue it’s just automation or emergent gameplay because these systems aren’t intelligent, per se. While others say game AI is less about trying to pass off a machine as a human, and more about creating a sense of wonder and mystery that makes the game feel real.

So what would honest to goodness AI-powered video games actually look like? Well, in the Spike Jonze movie Her, creator David O’Reilly conceived of a video game in which a foul-mouthed character could react dynamically to you and your personality. It could even taunt and bully you into continuing to play.

Come on, follow me. (beep) Games like this may seem far off, but we’re getting there. That’s because cutting-edge AI research is finally bleeding over into game development. Today, researchers are using the kind of AI that can actually learn to design entire games, using a technique known as procedural generation. It was popularized most recently by the indie game No Man’s Sky, but now, AI researchers are using the same technique to create software that can design a game entirely from scratch.

So you can say that not only do I want to generate a landscape, but I want to generate a landscape where I know there will be choke points, where we can hide my troops behind, or I know there will be places to have a castle on, and with no deep valleys you can fall into. Building off that, game developers could create games that don’t just generate levels all on their own, but also learn what you like as a player. In the longer-term future, we’re going to see game directors that learn to adapt the game as you are playing it, and learn to become game masters that play the player as the player plays the game. There are even ways that AI right now can be used to create the art for games. Take a look at Nvidia’s research generating game graphics using deep learning.

What you’re seeing is not real, an AI used a game engine and some video footage to teach itself how to generate an imaginary city block. One that you could see in a game. The same technique can even create all new, never-before-seen faces, ones that look indistinguishable from real human beings. Of course, that doesn’t stop with faces. You could do mountains, dogs, space ships, whatever.

But the Holy Grail of AI in games would be a true self-learning character that is complex and relatable, and it has a realistic persona that could build you up. Do you know how to get out of here? Or tear you down. (bleeping) We’re probably not going to have game characters that sophisticated for a long time.

In the short term, big game companies will likely use AI for testing games and boring stuff like analytics. But AI is really tricky, and it requires a ton of tinkering and training. That’s time and money that game developers don’t always have.

So Julian doesn’t see the usual suspects jumping on actual AI powered games anytime soon. We need to take the AI capability, and think about how can we design a game around that? And I don’t think that’s going to happen from the big AI companies.

It’s too risky. Instead, it might take smaller, scrappier gaming companies to lean into AI’s quirks and make something unexpected and strange that feels entirely new. So if something unexpected or weird happened to you while you were playing Red Dead Redemption 2, or even the new Zelda, describe it in the comments below.

Best Places To Visit In Asia

Asia is perhaps too colossal in its expanse and diversity to be understood as a travel destination. However, it does some offer of the most exotic sights that are perfect for visiting to seek recreational gratification and enlighten your senses with an unrivaled aura and magnificence. The big advantage is that you can visit the famous casinos in Macau, as well as play online casino in Asia, check this guide to best online casinos in NZ to find out more.

Some of the most recommended places in Asia that should be a part of any Asia travel plan include:

Angkor in Cambodia – this place is recommended for those who seek pleasures in exploring the grandeur of ancient historical sights. The expanse of the Angkor Wat is mind-boggling and so is its creation with five soaring stone towers. However, it is a general misconception that the Angkor Wat is single-entity travel destination. The Wat is just one UNESCO World Heritage Sight that is located in the proximity of some of the most impressive historical creations found in Asia. Angkor represents one of the largest historical temple ruin complexes in the world and there is even an archaeological park here that helps you understand the creation of these massive temple structures.

Other structures in vicinity of the Angkor Wat include:

– Angkor Thom (ruins of the sole surviving ancient Khmer City)

– Bakong (one of the earliest Angkor ruins with a typical pyramid temple shape)

– Bayon (the most famous and puzzling Angkor creation with the Temple of Stone Faces)

– Terrace of the Elephants (an ancient monument displaying rows of marching elephants)

Bangkok, Thailand – any Asian travel itinerary cannot be complete without a visit to its most reputed commercial centre, Bangkok. It is the capital of Thailand and offers a rare blend of a historic city at total ease with its bustling pace and ever-growing demand for financial growth. Those who want to be acquainted with the history of the city should visit Rattanakosin – the Old Royal City. Other historical sites that line Bangkok include the Grand Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

Bangkok has an amazing appetite for catering to tourist demands and it offers travel packages and accommodations options across the most unbelievable range. This is where you can see an authentic and perhaps the first-ever ‘Chinatown’. The Bangkok Chinatown gives you an idea of how ancient cultures and modern lifestyles merge and co-exist. Another world-famous feature about Bangkok is the Floating Markets like that of Damnoen Saduak. This is something endemic to Bangkok as nowhere else will you find an so many boatmen vending goods in small make-shift boats.

Plain of Jars, Laos – if you have an appetite for traveling to the unknown and slightly mysterious places, they this is where you should be headed. Located in the remote locations of Laos, this is the remnant of a civilization about which nothing much has been discovered so far. The place is still being brought the attention of the world, so the entire tour could be quite economical. The Plain of Jars is famous for these gigantic stone creations, which are hard to decode and their relevance for religious ceremonies is still being investigated. In addition to the mystifying jars-shaped structure, you can also visit the nearby town of Phonsavan which offers the best site to get your hands on some locally-made handicrafts and other such items that are otherwise difficult to find in major cities.

Top 5 Gaming Life Hacks!

Hey guys this is Austin! And today meet with my top five gaming life hacks. You know because I’m really good at this stuff. [intro] Coming in at number 5 is: stop using Wireless.

The future is supposed to be all about ditching cables like this, right? Well my setup isn’t the best example. Going wired actually isn’t a bad idea. The most obvious example is wired versus wireless Internet. If I compare running my Xbox one on Wi-Fi versus being plugged straight into my router, you can see there’s a decent difference especially in the download speed, and, importantly for gaming, the latency. Not only can plugging in help improve things like your paying.

They can also help you avoid lag due to random interference especially in areas with tons of Wi-Fi signals. While sometimes running Ethernet cables all over your house isn’t practical, it can help you avoid some problems. Something that’s also easy to overlook is plugging in your controller.

While wireless controllers are usually reliable these days, if it’s convenient it makes sense to keep things plugged in, as having your battery dying game can be a huge pain. For number four we’ve got optimizing your setup. While most of us will game whenever and wherever, it’s actually really helpful to have a setup that’s nice and comfortable for you. One of the first things is getting a good place to sit.

I usually game in a normal desk chair on PC and, while you can spend a ton of money on these, the important thing is that it’s nicely padded and his height adjustable. Bringing your chair to a level where your wrists are comfortable while gaming is important not only to be able to focus better on the game, but also to keep yourself from straining your wrists. At number three we have something for console gamers: optimizing your TV. If you like to game on a PC odds are you’re using a monitor but if you game on a console using a TV makes a lot of sense.

Compare a decent PC monitor to a much bigger TV and you’ll see there’s actually not a huge price gap. One of the big differences is that TVs tend to do a lot of processing to make the image pop, which can add a bit of lag, where monitors tend to take the signal without messing with it too much. Luckily, you can minimize this on most TVs by turning on game mode. Dig into your menu until you find picture options and switch over to game mode.

What this does varies by TV, but it typically turns down the processing on the image to improve input times. For some TVs you might not notice much of a difference, but it’s definitely worth a shot to see if it works for you. Moving on to number two we have: fine tuning your graphics settings. This one is definitely more aimed at PC gamers but by tweaking your graphics settings you can make a huge difference to the gameplay.

While it would be nice to have a PC that can handle every game completely maxed out all the time, usually you’re going to need to customize your settings to keep things running smoothly. Ideally you want your game to be running at at least 60 frames per second which is the max refresh rate of most monitors. The best way to measure your framerate is with a tool called Fraps. With it you can turn on an FPS indicator to show you exactly how smooth your game is running. Now jump into the game settings and adjust the graphics until you get a solid framerate. There are also tools that can help you work out settings like Nvidia’s GeForce experience and AMD’s gaming evolved but I prefer to figure out things manually.

Once you get everything set up correctly, you should notice a massive difference. And finally at number one we have: dialing in your control sensitivity. When you’re playing a game it’s tempting to just jump right in. However spending some time fine-tuning your controls can be a big help. Most games default to a fairly low sensitivity, which is great for people who are new to the game and just want to have a bit of fun, but as you get better it can really slow you down.

By jumping into the settings and turning sensitivity higher you’ll be able to look and aim a lot faster. With high sensitivity at first you’ll probably be awful, as there’s a big learning curve, but dial in the exact settings that works best for you and once you get used to it it can make a big difference. If you’re playing on PC the advantage can be even bigger. Get the perfect mouse settings and things like aiming and moving become way quicker and easier. It’s a simple tip but perfecting your controls can help us surprising amount.

So what are some of your favourite gaming life hacks? Definitely be sure to share in the comments below. Anyway I’ve got to give a huge shout-out to audible for making this video possible. is the leading provider of audiobooks with more than 150,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction, nonfiction and periodicals.

Right now audible is offering a free audio book. If you try them out and that includes one of my favorite books of all time: Ender’s Game. I remember loving this book when I was younger and listen to it again has been great. Best of all you can get it for free from audible.

To download Enders game or another audio book for free just head over to Audible has always been a huge supporter of the channel, so definitely go to and give them a shot. Anyway guys thank you so much for watching and I will catch you in the next one.

Top 100 Games

Top hundred dunkey! The list is prepared based on analytics data from, online games reviews aggregator. Coming in at number hundred it’s gotta be Tumblr two uhh, even more pictures than Tumblr the originals- #99: Mortal Kombat I just like all the fatalities… I like all the… I like the voice acting “VENOM STING!”

“VENOM STING!” The game is a.. is a real knock out if you don’t mind me- Uh-Oh! Classic alert! This N64’s FPS revolutionized video games forever I’m talking about South Park You throw a snowball at a turkey Uh, and it’s even- the gameplay’s even better than Kessen but I had to put Kessen a higher spot ’cause Kessen even has better graphics than South Park even [Satoru Iwata]: “Home console” “featuring Yoshi” [Dunkey]: My Momma always told me that life was like a box of chocolates In that case, I want to be a caramel chocolate (“Billie Jean” begins playing) “I guess you could call that a home run!” “Welcome to vice city, papa mio!”

“My Momma always told me, be careful who you love – – my balls itch!” and she said be careful who you love and careful what you’ve done …and something scooby-doo AH, AH! “No, I’m Lance Bass!”

94 is Walking Dead: Chronicles of Riddick 93 is…God damn wing, versus, big, God damn it!, Godzilla Here I go with the overhead… Goddamnit!. [Announcer]: Darth Vader vs. Hoar [Dunkey]: I think Mortal Kombat was really ahead of the times with this crossover to bring the DC characters in and the announcer is excellent. [Announcer]: Darth Vader vs. Chewbacca Darth Vader vs. Boba Fett Vader vs. Thok [Game Announcer]: “Welcome to 1999” “The year of the cyber athlete” [Dunkey]: Whoa… [Game Announcer]: “The year of epic EA sports action” “The year we go big” [Dunkey]: Big!, Big!

Big!, Big! BIG! [Announcer]: “BIG!” [Tiger]: “That’s huge!”

“Nice, Bob!” [Dunkey]:The soundtrack on this game… it’s stellar! It’s amazing.. for a- It sounds like an action movie, kinda Tiger Wood vs.

Golf Cartwalker Now the goal of the game is to hit the golfcart Oh.. he cut left on that one Tiger using the seven iron here… ..and just beautiful shot. *Gentle applause* And that is a hit [Voice]: Please do not aim at the range cart [Dunkey]: Tiger going again.. and just crisp, clean shot. Will it hit though? Oh.

And we do see a hit there. [Voice]: I said, please do not aim your shots at the range cart [Dunkey]: Round three… FIGHT! Tiger’s really have to go far for this one It’s really a bumberfuck And we see ’em… we see ’em going… oh!

[Tiger]: “Best I’ve ever had” [Dunkey singing] :*Bam, ba, ba, bam, ba, bam, bam, OH! * *Bam, ba, ba, bam, ba, ba, bam, OH! * Oh he’s g- he’s going It’s going, it’s going! It’s going! OOOOOHHHH!

Bullseye! [Voice]: I told you not to do that! [Dunkey]: Best elevator music I’ve ever heard. #90: Dead or Alive volleyball What? I genuinely.. I like it for the volleyball.

Oh my god, who made this game? EA Big? [chuckle] Y’know what I’m sayin? Dynasty Warriors 2! Dynasty Warriors 3! Dynasty Warriors 4!

Dynasty Warriors 5! Dynasty Warriors 6! Madden 2007! Madden 2008!

Madden 2009! Uh… Madden 2010! Umm… Batman: Barkam City! Erm. Great- uh Great GRAMPHICS!. Uhh… great GRAMEPRAY!.

Uhh?.. Fuck you, Riddler!. #79: Shrek [Roy]: “Hey I’m Roy, your save fairy” “If you see me flying around, run up to me and I’ll save your game.” [Dunkey]: A lot of people think Marvel has the biggest combos but ClayFighter, I mean if you get hit once the entire match is already over Of course, y’know it never would’ve happened like that in Warbutt but, of course in Warbutt, the game is real life so if you die in the game you die in real life.

#76: Halo Safari So fun man, it’s even- it’s even better than Shrek. [Donkey]: “Whoa, whoa. Back it up, there!.” [Dunkey]: No, no, no! I never said that it was better than uh- Shrek- Shrek Mario Kart ripoff though.

That’d be ogre the line, y’know? T-This game is a lot of fun. [Hogan]: “You know brother, you think you got what it takes?” “to beat Hollywood Hogan?”

[Flair]: “You gotta be able to-” “-walk that aisle!” “Woo!” [Macho man]: “Bonesaw is ready!”

“Cum on my face, brother!” [Voice]: “Bitch I’ll kill you” [Dunkey]: Japanese games are always the best here we go *Laughing* You got Mr. Mosquito, you’re fucking suck on some asian girl’s titties It’s a pretty good game. (Dunkey is voicing all the characters) “Bitch get me some beer!” “Ah, here you go, have fun” “I’ll suck his dick for some beer” “cum on my beer, brother” “Hey, this beer tastes like shit!” “I want my money back” “I demand a refund” “Here you go” ‘Scuse me miss.

I would like some soup “Oh.. ye ok” “Here’s your soup” “Goodbye” *Laughing* “I’ll suck yer dick, old man” “Uh, oh!. Somebody peed in the soup.” Oh, yeah! climb that tree… Yeah..

Okay!. I-I’m gonna come clean, guys! I just like this game for the Jet Skis Go get the ball, doggy It’s so cute it reminds me of uh.. Pay you, Pikachu! [Boy]: “It listens, if only my family would” [Family]: “HUH?!?” [Boy]: “I’m talking to Pikachu, my new best friend” [Dunkey] That’s pretty sad [Boy]: “Watch this” [Sister]: “Pikachu!”

[Boy]: “My sister, the Pokemon master”. [Dunkey]: Dumb cunt. [Sister]: “Bulbasaur!” [Boy]: “Pikachu, this way!” “See, unlike my sister, a direct response” [Dunkey]: Yea, you fuckin slut. You can take a page out of Pikachu’s book.

[Dude boy]: “Dude, what’s this?” [Dunkey]: “Dude, it’s totally Pikachu” [Dude boy]: “Dude, can I play?” [Boy]: “Now, I’m everybody’s best friend” [Dunkey]: Tell me about it, dude! [Boy]: “Okay first, it’s a one person game” [Dunkey]: Yeah, dumbass.

[Boy]: “And second, you have to get Pikachu to trust you” [Dunkey]: “Yea!. He’s not gonna trust you. You look like a little scumbag” [Dude boy]: “Dude, so can I play?” [Dunkey]: “Dude, go fuck yourself!” [Mother]: “What did I say?”

“No WWF! (Now WWE)” [BoneSaw]: “Cum on my face, brother!” [Mother]: “What’s this?”

[Boy]: Now mom wants in [Sister]: “You talk to Pikachu” [Dude boy]: “And he actually listens” [Boy]: “Watch” [Dunkey]: “Pikachu! Go jump off a cliff!” [Dude boy]: “Dude, he didn’t do it” [Dunkey]: “It fucking sucks!”.

[Sister]: “Mom, I’m having a panic attack. I need my inhaler!” [Mother]: “Whatever, can I play?” [Boy]: “And if I were a commercial, I’d say” “Comes complete with microphone, N64 gamepad with built in voice-” “Can I play now?” [Mother]: “Get your own game!” [Dunkey]: “Alright, bitch!”.

This one looks pretty fun ‘Course that game’s not out yet Oh, neither is this one. The new Juno This isn’t even out either Ah! This is not a very prestigious list *Smooth jazz* What top 100 movies list is complete without Die Hard? Unfortunately, this is the game. Uh.

Nothing to do with that- OOOH! Ho, ho, ho! Now I have a rocket launcher Ho, Ho- “Bonesaw is ready to die hard” “Rocket launch my head off, brother!” Can’t go wrong with the old stand by I’m talking about call of Duty, brother Of course, it would’ve never happened that way on Warbutt, but, of course, in Warbutt you play as a cybernetic navy seal sent back in time to assassinate your own self. And of course the first video game of them all, “Game of the year” winner, 20 years in a row, Super Mario Brothers 2!

And who can forget the classic? The triumphant! System Shock 1 Truly a masterpiece Some games are timeless Like Bethesda’s epic action RPG The Elder Scrolls 1. Uh. It’s just as fresh as when it came out Uh.

Three thousand years ago And who can forget the dreamcrash crassic The jetset- I-Is that donkey? Bad Boys: Miami Takedown was panned by critics upon its initial release But some games are ahead of their times, y’know, It’s all about the fine details Like how they brought in the real Will Smith and Martin Lawrence To voice the characters [Martin]: “Hey, look, I got plenty of bullets,” “don’t need any of yours!” [Will]: That was charity, man!

Now, you’re just being ungrateful!. [Dunkey]: This flawlessly executed masterpiece Effortlessly combines motion controls with shooting Buhh, buhh, buhhh!, Uncharted for girls You get to play as Nathan Drake’s sister “Genius idea!” I chose the impossible I chose.. Shark Tale, Babyyyyyyyyyyyy!

You know what I’m sayin? That is a, uh, d- Furby. Furby. Furby.

“KILL!” At first, I didn’t think the NRA can make a good basketball game but this is damn fun! *Gunshot* Pokemon Red, they mastered the formula I mean, there was never a better Pokemon and then Pokemon Blue came out. That was even better than Pokemon Red!

And then, Pokemon Yellow!. That was just like, damn that is my sh- jam! And then Silver it was like kinda like playing second place But then in Gold I was like Damn, this is where the money went! This is even better than Shrek! [Donkey]: Whoa, whoa!. Back it up!

[Dunkey]:No, no, no!. I didn’t- I didn’t mean- I didn’t mean that it was- it was better than Gameboy Shrek of course *Guys, I don’t- I don’t really like this one. but don’t tell donkey*. And coming in at number 40 It’s a certain Dreamcast classic Staring a very fast blue little man I’m talking about Sonic 2006 for the Xbox, babyyyyy!!! [Rock]: If you smell.. What The Rock is cookin’ [Announcer]: Entering in the luxury sports car The Rock!!!

[Dunkey]: There he is!. I see him like, ten times He’s like a- [Voice]: Where’s Waldo? [Dunkey]: Where the fuck did he go? Hey hey hey, coming in at number 37 It’s c-razy taxi And coming in at 36 It’s cr-azy Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater And coming in at number 35 CRAAA-ZY Taxi And coming in at number 34 *Singing Goldfinger – Superman* DE, DUM, DA, DE, DUM, A, BAAAA!

BA, DA, DA, DA, CRAZY TAXI!!! And coming in at number 33 It’s- It’s C-Cray-rRRR *Zelda’s Lullaby* #32: Orcarina of Time CRAZY TAXI!!! “Uh, uncle.

I don’t want no trouble “I didn’t take the talisman. I want no trouble!” “UH. HU!. Where am I?”

“You know he ain’t goin be in Rush Hour 3” [Jackie]: You’re getting better! [Dunkey]: Oh, what’s Bret Favre up to now? He stole the muscle milk! Thief! “I want ’em dead!” “I want ’em fucking dead!”

Let’s get ’em boys! OH, NO! TONYYYY! I’ll get you, you motherfucker Brett Favre wall Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoaa!

Get back there!. I’m gonna get you! Oh, watch out for the horsey! *Hee, haw* Oh no, it’s the penguin!

Ah, I’m gonna get you! And the quarterback is toast! “My muscle milk money!” Hey, nice to meet you!

Oh, you BITCH! you just shoved- I got bigger tits you little- Flat-chested seagull bitch Get the hell outta here! Uh, they got a Warbutt game type Of course, in Warbutt, it wouldn’t be water It would be acid *Low groaning* 28’s McDonalds Simulator Gotta knock down the rainforest You gotta flamethrow the cows Manage every aspect of McDonald’s corporation at business meetings, market your products to children And of course, the front lines Ha, ha!. I’m lovin’ it. I’m loving this!

In Revolution X, you gotta shoot your way into an Aerosmith concert Hello, Chicago! *Walk this way! Walk this way! * Goodnight, everybody! [Stephen Tyler]: “Remember, music is a weapon”- [Dunkey]: During the N64 era, Rare dominated the market with an endless spree of awesome video games and for their last project on the 64 They chose to abandon the family friendliness they had been renown for With the very raunchy, Conker’s Twelve Tales Just not appropriate for kids at all Who can forget the rude bear boss? Or the gladiator level?

Or the very violent wild wild west level? Or the controversial dinosaur level? Just not appropriate for kids Take that shirt off, bitch! Huh? You giving me lip?

Why don’t you shut the fuck up, huh? Instead of giving me something- giving me lip Whatchu guys looking at? Huh? You want some too? You little bitch!

“Fuck my lifeeee!” #24 is Wall Street You have to catch stock brokers who try to commit suicide You gotta bounce ’em into the ambulance Bounce them to safety Door Fighterrrrrrrrrr!!! “It’ll be years before you can fight me, door” Fuck you, riddler! Now, I know there’s a lot of you 7up fans But for my money, the best soda game It’s gotta be Pepsiman Uh, up to 3D graphics. Destructible environments *muffled* *Donkey Kong Country theme* CRAZZZY TAXII! Lift the weight, lift the weight Kill the pikmin Dance with the doggy Shake the bottle Piss on my face, brother!

Pet my hand, Pet my hand Fight the man Better than Red Steel Stab the steak Eat your meal Shoot the bananas Fight the nose Jump on the banana *[Beard Burger Maste]: Cut the lettuce, Don’t forget the cheese! * [Dunkey]: Cut the lettuce, Don’t forget the cheese [Beard Burger]: Toast the buns, French the fries But they don’t hear me tho, but they don’t hear me tho [Beard Burger]: Bring on the ketchup, sweep the floors [Dunkey]: Bring on the ketchup, sweep the floors [Beard Burger]: Yeah, Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about! [Dunkey]: I just like this Tekken 3 for the volleyball I just like this Tekken Tag for the bowling It’s great [Announcer]: Great, Great! *Fight music* [Tiger]: “Best I’ve ever had!” [Dr.Light]: You must recover all the energy immediately, uh…Megaman!

[Dunkey]: #14: Dumbledorf’s Castle Uh. Much more challenging than Demon’s Souls Much better game! ‘Course, I gotta mention my favorite RPG of all time! Talkin’ about Two Worlds The multiplayer is marvelous It’s.. it’s to die for Welcome to Jurassic Park Visit my park Pet my dinosaurs And as a bonus hilarious joke I’ve released the Tyrannosaurus Rex! *laughing* [Chai]: But you are not going to Hong Kong! [Fake Ryo]: YOU BITCH!

*Bitch screaming* [Dunkey]: Coming in at #10 The beloved Playstation classic Full of majestic wonder and jaw-dropping spectacle Starring Kermit the Frog, Robin Williams, Will Smith and Don Cheadle Tetsuya Nomura’s Kingdom Darts [Goldman]: “I’ve been waiting for you, friends.” [Taylor]: “Goldman! Do you know what you’re doing!?” [Goldman]: “I’m fully aware of what I’m doing, can’t you see?!” “To protect the life cycle!” “Farewell, friends!.”

[Taylor]: “Goodbye, Goldman”. *Action music* [Dunkey]: I only like this Tetris for the story mode [Game]: “Fellow citizens” “We are facing the ultimate crisis” [Dunkey]: Customize your tetris You can be the chef Or maybe, you’re more of a cowboy guy Metal Gear VR missions really prepares you for my favorite game of all time Metal Gear Solid Don’t shoot the puppy is as simple as the title implies Just don’t fucking shoot ’em! This is impossible. *Singing Radiohead’s Song “Just”* *Japanese announcer* [Dunkey]: Of course, coming in at number two!

A certain multiplayer game that you guys know I love to play I’m talking about Dota 2, babyyyyyyyyyyy! You know I love this game! And the greatest game of all time is… ummmm… Uh. This looks pretty fun.

Professional Smash Bros Players

Today, our reactors are gonna be playing a few rounds of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. What they don’t know is that their opponent will actually be a professional player in Super Smash Brothers. Ken has been competing professionally for over 15 years and is known as the king of Smash.

We’ll see just how well your average gamer stacks up against a real world pro. Well today, you guys are going to be playing Super Smash Brothers. – Yes, yes! – Okay, judging by your reaction… – I don’t play too much Smash. – I did win a little tournament on the React Channel last time, so hopefully this is… – Oh no.

– This is that next level. – I definitely play pretty well. – Maybe average. – Okay, maybe average. All right. – Forewarning, I get really competitive, so I’m really sorry if I yell in your ear.

Just let me know to turn it down. – I mean, we have headphones, so we’re good. – (FBE) This is actually Ken’s first video at FBE. – Really? – Yeah, it’s my first react.

– Wow, I’m honored to be a part of it. – I think you’re gonna do great, man. Something about beginner’s luck. – Beginner’s luck. – Let’s do this. Who’s your main?

– Who do you play? – I do Game and Watch, Luigi. – I like Ganon, Marth, Simon. – Simon?

Simon is so hard to play as, I feel like. – I’ll try Simon. Game and Watch. – Probably gonna go with Corrin. I do pretty well with Corrin.

– I play the Castlevania characters, I think or one of the Castlevania characters. – My boy. – Snake? – Yes. Where’s my cheetah?

There it is, the cheetah print. – Ganondorf? Why’d you pick Ganondorf?

– I like Zelda games. – Are you kidding me? – I like Ganondorf. You picked Pikachu? – I’m gonna go with Link just because.

– Classic Ganon versus Link matchup. – Dude, Ganondorf is way too strong and I’m low key kinda scared. – May the best man win. – Good. – All right. Oh, okay.

– [Bleep]. See, I can’t– Aw man, he’s gonna [bleep] put my ass on a platter right now. – What the– okay, hold on.

“I’m not that good.” He gets 105 damage in the first 10 minutes. What? – How do you dodge his projectiles? Oh, God.

You’re absolutely trashing me so far. Oh, [bleep]. – Oh.

Come on, come on. Look, look, look. You cannot do that to me. – I have a feeling he’s letting on and he’s much better than he says.

– I’m doing terrible and he is– I only got two percent of him. Move. Get out of my way! Ah, [bleep]. – Excuse me, sir.

I did not– oh no. – Nice hit. – This guy’s good. Ah, no. Went for it too hard.

I needed one. – You see how fast he’s eliminating me? I’m trying to get some good hits in, but it’s just not working. – Oh.

– Hey, I got one. I’m fine with that. – Nice. – I’m not gonna let him three stock me, if I can help it. – Ah, you got me.

– I just gotta try to bring it back now. – Come on. Literally can’t do anything.

– Oh my God. Ah! – I can’t get you. Come here.

– Nah, nah, nah. Stay away. Why? If you don’t– oh my God. – I’m trying to move and I can’t move. Oh my God.

What? I just got swept. – I am destroying you, like you said. I’m not gonna sugarcoat things. – Yeah, as long as he’s not gonna be, “Yeah, I’ll pick a different–” but I died in a minute.

– What the– – Oh. Okay, I accidentally hit the wrong– I had butter fingers. Butter fingers, man. Damn, that was good. – Ooh, that was cool.

I like seeing him. I’m not good with him, ’cause he’s such a zoner. – Yeah. – All right. I have a feeling he plays a lot more than I do and what he said.

So… – Why do you think that? – ‘Cause you [bleep] are dominating. – I mean, you took a stock so that wasn’t really domination. – I got one, so I’m happy. You’re still very good. – (FBE) We’re gonna have you two play one more round, but first things first, Michelle, did you find anything difficult about that first round?

– He’s really good. – Yeah, it’s like I really couldn’t get a hit on him at all no matter what. Did you play me? Was this rigged? – (FBE) Ken is actually a professional Super Smash Brothers player. – Dog, I freaking knew it.

– That’s why my ass got handed to me. There you go. Oh my God.

Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Dude, you are amazing. – Thank you. – I feel so good that I held my own a little bit.

– I started playing when I was sixteen. – Okay. – I started going to tournaments, won tournaments straight for seven years straight and then people called me King of Smash.

– Cool, King of Smash? – (FBE) So, for this next round, we’re gonna make it a little easier. Michelle, you’re gonna be picking both characters this time.

– Okay, okay. I swear to God, he’s still gonna beat my ass though. I’m gonna stick with my Pikachu. Wii Fit Trainer.

There you go. – I don’t think I’ve ever played this character. – I can’t deviate from my homie Snake. Let’s go ahead and give you Isabelle, just because she looks the least intimidating. – For me, I’m just gonna pick Young Link. Then for Ken, I’m gonna pick– let’s go with Pichu, just because that’s just the smallest character and I’m assuming I’m gonna be able to just hit him with a couple strong ones.

– I don’t really use Pichu, but he’s actually a top five character in this game. He’s fast. – I’m gonna pick Mario.

– Mario? – For you. – Okay.

– I feel like I know his moveset pretty well, so I’m probably gonna eat these words very soon. – Not a character that I use very often, but I got some fundamentals. – I’m going to play as Cloud.

I’m gonna have you play as– oh my God, the pressure’s on. Ridley. – Ridley? – I’ve heard that Ridley is not as good professionally. – I don’t know how Ridley works, so let’s see. – All right, cool.

I don’t believe you. I feel like you know all the characters. – I really don’t play all the characters. Good luck.

– Oh my God, I’m gonna need it. – I’m about to die. Dude.

He’s already pressing buttons and the game hasn’t even started. Get away from me. – Come on. Do your yoga skills on me.

Go. – Oh no. I’ve never seen that done before. That was strategic.

You set– what is that? Oh. No, no, no. – Oh, that’s so quick. – I’m still scared, but I’m doing okay.

– Whoo, come on. Yeeerm. Sheeerm. Oh no.

– Your landing is perfect. I should have known. I should have known that you were for real. You hustled me, man. – No, I– okay.

– Dude, dude, relax. Relax. Ah!

Okay, yeah, no. This is terrible. I’m terrified. – Oh, good hit.

That probably killed me. Yeah. I’m frustrated. – I should not have done that. That was a mistake.

– Come on. If I can at least kill you once, that would be great. No, damn it. I celebrated too soon. – [Bleep].

I keep accidentally wanting to die. Back up. – Oh my God.

– Oh. – Ah, how? How did you survive that?

– Oh, you bitch. He is really good He’s very good at predicting. – Can I just stall until the whole set of this is over? Bro, relax, no.

– I’m just running, bro. I am running. No, no! Oh, I got it. – Can you not?

Leave me alone. Yes, can one of these land, please? No! What in the hell?

– Oh, what? – Whoo! I killed him once.

I don’t care how this match goes now. – I gotta put you down once. I gotta put it down once more. – I think my tactic is just to stay up here. He got me while I was electrocuting you. Dude, dude, relax.

Oh my God. – I feel like I’m button mashing. Ah, good game. – I feel good. – [Bleep] you.

– I think I’m doing way better this round than I did the last round. Ah, no! I gotta eliminate him at least once.

Dude, he has 136 damage. Ah, let’s go! No. – Ah. – Let’s go!

I eliminated him once. – God dang it. – I can’t hit him. Oh my God.

I didn’t even know that move. Good job. – Damn, man. Ah, I [bleep] up. God, I [bleep] that up. What an anticlimactic ending.

– You did better against my Belmont. – You SD’ed. – I let him win. I’m just kidding. See, that is crazy.

He learned so quickly, too. – Come on, come on. Come on. This is no fair.

That was great. – You got me once. You got me once.

– I killed him once. That’s a victory for me. I loved this experience. Thank you for being here. – Yeah, no. It was fun.

– Damn. Ah, let’s go! I feel so intense. I knocked him out once, right? How much more can you ask when you’re playing against a pro?

– I mean, you picked Pichu. He does damage to himself. – Don’t degrade my win. There is some victory there.

– (FBE) How do you think FBE did overall in this gaming experience? – I mean, some of them were above average for sure and then some weren’t, but overall, I mean that’s not– everyone had a good time and I think that’s all that matters. – (FBE) Michelle, how do you feel overall about your performance today? – I feel defeated, but in a good way. – I feel weirdly put in my place and also feel kinda good. – Obviously, you played a lot of Smash.

I can see that. – Not as much as you, that’s for sure. – He’s definitely played a lot of Smash, I can see that. He’s good.

I mean, obviously he’s not pro level. He won’t be able to take a game off me, but a stock for sure, though. – Yeah.

– Yeah. – Okay. – Yeah, he’s putting in his hours. – He’s got skills, I can see that.

He’s got some skills. – He started with skill and then he’s like, “some skill.” – Needs a little more practice.

– Just gives me another level of respect for pro gamers. These guys are like real athletes. They’re not just people that you pick up on the side of the street. These are people that play and are really good at it, so there’s a little bit more respect there.

– Thanks for watching FBE get destroyed in Smash Bros on the React Channel. – Subscribe to see what games we lose at next. – Bye-bye. – Hi, I’m Ken. I’m a professional Smash Bros player for Team Liquid. Thanks for FBE for having me for their episode.

If you wanna follow me, link’s in the description. Bye.

How To SUCCEED in the Overwatch League

Dear Blizzard, oh wait! No! This is not for Blizzard.

This is for ugh FAA, Dear Everybody That sounds kinda persable, Dear people, FUUUUUUUUUUU sigh whatever we’ll just edit all those out and take the best one Hi. It’S me: Austin. I’Ve been playing a Mick, but ton of overwatch lately as everyone that follows me on Twitter can attest, which is kind of Awesome, to be honest, being the parent of a baby.

If I had any energy my spare time, It was spent either like this Or like this, But now I have a toddler which you’d think that would mean that I’m more exhausted these days and you would be right – I am wiped ALL the time. I am tired.

All THE TIME, but I’m not sick, Are you crazy? What did you say? That’S the ultimate jinx, but anyway I like playing overwatch for a few reasons.

One I love team sports, But I suck at basketball, So playing overwatch feels like a way that I can engage with other people work together and score some points all while never Leaving my perfect apartment, which actually ties into the second reason I love overwatch.

I love love, love ESports. I love watching people who are way better at a game than I could ever be Compete against each other for real money at paypal casino deposit sa I love that in my life, I’ve seen eSports grow from being something that used to be a niche hobby that we heard about Happening far across the oceans in South Korea to established college eSports teams with people who are paid to coach ESports is something that has Become Validated as legitimate – and I am so Unbelievably stoked so when I play overwatch myself, I feel like just a little I’m engaging in that Pro eSports culture. Just just a bit. I watch the games I get pumped. I take new things.

I learned to the court and die immediately Because I am NOT an eSports professional And I never will be one.

I’Ve come to terms with this, even with an excessive amount of practice. The best I’ll ever be at a video game is above average or in the case of games like Starcraft. Two hours of practice will raise my skill level from totally abysmal to merely embarrassing, But just because I will never be the eSports rockstar. I always wanted to be coming out to a crowd of adoring fans, while the high octane Jams of nerf, herder blares in the background, doesn’t mean that you can’t be. I spent the last few weeks Studying what separates eSports pros from the rest of us scrubs, and I have a bonafide 12-step program that you can buy for only 15 easy payments of $ 12.99.

If you call now, Okay, not really, but this did get me thinking.

What does Separate eSports pros from the rest of us? What makes them so good and us on a good day, Not even worthy of licking, their boot heels? Well, it boils down to one specific thing YOU SUCK just kidding.

Actually, it is one thing specifically, though, fast as hell: Reflexes, okay, well, actually, thats, not technically true.

A reflex is like when a puff of air hits your eye And you close it or someone smacks your tendon with a hammer in your leg, jerks, which honestly I’m embarrassed to admit this to y’all, But it wasn’t until I was researching this episode that I realized That this is the origin of the term. Knee-Jerk reaction feel free to make fun of me. If you want.

These involuntary responses by the body are reflexes And they work in. What’S called the reflex arc which looks like this and it’s super cool, But it’s not what we’re actually talking about today, because when we say that someone has lightning-fast reflexes, This isn’t what we mean. We mean, like super mega ultra awesome Fast as a Formula one ninja badassery like Bruce Lee stuff punching people before they know It’s even happening catching flies with chopsticks and slinging guns, the fastest in the Old Westies, and what we’re actually Talking about when we say reflexes In this context, isn’t reflexes, it’s response which, like Definitely doesn’t sound as awesome, whoo check out Bruce Lee punching this guy in the face.

Look at his super fast response times Just doesn’t have the same pop and pizazz, but well That’s what it is, and this response times are the key to well. Basically, everything in the world.

You can be an expert at from basketball to placing Keyframes and After Effects to playing guitar.

You guessed it video games and in order to get a handle on just what this means And how huge a difference it makes we’re gon na have to do something. Awesome gather Data data is the cornerstone of Science and well in some fields. Yeah means doing some boring crap like looking at rocks or spreadsheets, but today today We’re doing something way more awesome, shooting each other in the face.

But before we get to that, which is awesome, We got to talk about how human reaction times work. You see the average human response. Time is about 250 to 280 Milliseconds, which is actually pretty fast, and just to give you a sense it’s this fast, but experts in sports, martial arts and yes, eSports – have base reaction times as fast as 110 milliseconds, which is this fast.

That’S less than half the reaction times you and I have, and when you’re looking at base reaction times, this quick every Millisecond counts, which is why, for a second, we got ta talk about how human reaction times work.

It’S actually pretty similar to reflexes. Interestingly, with some extra steps involved, you see reactions, unlike reflexes, are conscious decisions, while reflexes can be invoked locally with receptors polling responses.

Super quickly Reactions have to go through the brain first, which slows things down so freaking much. So, let’s take overwatch. For example, a thing happens boom right there, one frame of information in the form of light travels from the screen to your retinas. I sit about 60 centimeters from my monitor when I’m playing video games, Which means it takes light a whopping two Nanoseconds to reach my eyeballs, where the light is flipped and hits the receptors in the back of my eye.

This Information is then sent by the optic nerves, my brain specifically, the occipital occt .., Oh boy, I’m gon na make fun of how I pronounce that one occipital oak Oak occipital City occipital, occipital Lobe, which is in the back of the brain.

I mean What a design, Whatever nerve, sends signals significantly slower than the speed of light. In fact, They move slower than the speed of sound. This signal travels from my eyes to my occipital lobe at an excruciatingly, slow, 100 meters per second meaning that it takes a whole 1 and 1/2 milliseconds for information that hits my eyes to reach my brain.

That means, by the way, that the world that you’re experiencing everything you’re reacting to everything that you see is actually 1.5 milliseconds in the past. You are Constantly lagging behind the rest of the world.

Think about that for a good several hours and try not to have a massive Philosophical meltdown. What you’re seeing right now is not the present so enjoy that nugget for the rest of your life. After Processing that information, your brain has to decide what to do, which is where a lot of the lost time really happens, And then it sends its signal down to whatever Muscles need to do. The thing in this case the ones in your arm and hands which are playing video games, Which, if you have an arm and neck as long as mine, takes another eight in a half milliseconds. So now our total Latency time just from nerve signals in the speed of light, is ten point one six milliseconds, but from there things Really start to slow down, because up until now, your body or my body, someone’s body, has just been sending and interpreting information.

Now it’s time to do stuff, your muscles have to take those signals and move they move by contracting normal muscle.

Fibers can take over 100 milliseconds to contract. We’Ve now reached a minimum speed of a hundred and ten milliseconds, But the average human reaction time is 250 milliseconds from the start of a signal to the output of the reaction, whereas Experts have shaved that down to under half of that, There’s always extra time coming From two places, the brain and the muscles, but now Finally it’s time to loop back to overwatch for what may be the coolest experiment I have ever conducted. You know what there’s not enough of in our world Old West gun slinging.

So you know I did it using a group people from my discord server. I hosted a true-blue McCree versus McCree dueling tournament to gather numbers for reaction times.

Mccree is one of the best characters for this because well look at him, But also because he has what’s called a hitscan weapon.

Hitscan is an old First-person shooter technology that basically doesn’t render actual ballistic trajectiles. You heard me trajectiles fight me English majors. I just made up a word Anyway: hit scanning basically means the instant you pull the trigger. The game draws a straight line from the barrel of your gun Straight forward, if anybody’s hit by that line, They’re immediately struck by the bullet. It’S simple and easy.

This is important to specify because overwatch has different characters with different Projectile types and since I’m using these duels to get reaction time numbers hit scan is helpful because I don’t have to take into account Travel time for bullets with the right settings.

Bullets kill instantly And I can get pretty Consistent numbers also congrats to ren key for not only winning the duel but for ending with the fastest reaction time recorded 189 freakin milliseconds good job. The people who did well definitely had above-average Reaction times and the not winners had the worst with the slowest folk having a reaction time as slow as three hundred and twenty-two milliseconds freaking cuppa coffee would ya now.

322 and 189. Milliseconds is a pretty big gap and honestly, my numbers were originally a lot higher because of lag because I mentioned before that. In order to respond to something light has to move from screen to eyeballs eyeballs talk, sipping, a lobe occipital lobe to the rest of the Brain, the rest of the brain down the spinal column and to the fingers, and then the muscles have to contract.

But in this case That isn’t the actual full path information esta take. First, my signal has to be sent from my computer to the overwatch servers, Which normally has a tick time of 16 milliseconds, rather updates about 63 times a second, Which means it takes a whopping 16 milliseconds for my signal to reach overwatch servers And then the server Updates the game and sends the information off to both players, dueling, which takes another 16 milliseconds, send the light.

Laser Monitors, hits dry balls travels down the nerves from their eyes to the occipital lobes, then to the rest of the brain. Then down this Way. No to the fingers and the muscles contract on the mouth in the information travels from the computers back to the server another 16 milliseconds and The server updates the game and then send the information to my screen, Which takes another 16 milliseconds, giving us a total travel Time from my computer to them to back again of 64 whole freakin milliseconds, Which means I had to subtract that from my original numbers, which were a lot higher, Then there’s the fact that Blizzard has a system called favor.

The shooter, which is shorthand for Client-side, hit detection, see the reason overwatch runs So smoothly.

Is that your local computer handles a lot of the math instead of their servers, Which means, if you shoot someone on your screen, the person you saw yourself Shoot will get hit. Even if on their screen, they ran behind a wall. Ordinarily, this means that people with high latency Actually have a slight advantage over people who don’t, but in this particular experiment. However, since the bullet means instant death and both people are shooting each other, the person with better latency actually has an advantage, But I’ll get back to that in a second. In any case, even the fastest gunslinger in my discord server pales in comparison To the reaction times of bona fide eSports pros.

Why is that? Well?

To put it plainly, They aint pros. There are two ways that eSports pros lower their reaction time. Well, actually, it’s just one way, but it affects to areas of the body. The Super-secret method, to becoming an eSports pro that can take you from zero and silver to hero in the top.

500 has three simple steps: 1 practice, 2 practice and 3 practice. It takes roughly 10,000 hours to become an expert in something and what is the purpose of that 10,000 hours in the case of eSports and real sports to develop muscle and Muscle memory, you see it takes the average un expert 255 milliseconds to respond to something, and We Previously established that the time it takes just for signals to travel and for muscles to contract is about 110 milliseconds, Which is about how fast the fastest people in the world react both. What are us plebeians doing that make it 255 milliseconds we’re thinking 145.

Milliseconds of time wasted just Thinking that’s more time than it takes for freaking eSports pros to react to things from beginning to end Before we can even formulate a thought.

We’Re already dead We’ll get to how to shave that number down in a second but there’s actually another way to save time. That’S a lot easier that happens.

While you practice muscle growth, you see the 100 milliseconds it takes for muscles to contract. Those are the slow, twitch muscles things that make you know a good distance runner Or a carrier of heavy burdens. Slow twitch muscles are strong and efficient, but they take a long time to work fast.

Twitch muscles, on the other hand, can contract much faster as fast as 25 milliseconds, and the great thing about human bodies is we’re designed to adapt. So all you have to do is use your fingers in a competitive, fast reaction, Environment and your body will do all the work for you transforming those long, slow, twitch muscles into Voraciously, quick, fast, twitch muscle, fibers awesome.

Just you know be aware that fast twitch muscles are significantly weaker than slow, twitch muscles. So don’t you go trying to hang off any narrow ledges with your fingertips and Appreciate that I did not make any easy dirty jokes during this whole section. So we can reduce our time for signal and muscle contraction down to an amazing, 35 milliseconds just by working out properly. So what next that well now sard part muscle memory.

An expert in a field has worked to memorize, roughly 100,000 chunks of knowledge.

That directly ties to their expertise. Gary Kasparov, the World Chess Champion of 1997, who was defeated by the computer deep blue, had about a hundred thousand different board positions. Memorized.

This means that Kasparov’s brain over hours and hours and hours of rigorous training had developed the ability to look at a game of chess with pieces arranged in different locations and Instantaneously.

Compare it to every single board position in his brain at once and devised a strategy from there. He can do this almost Instantaneously, because all that training had developed his brain for a specific Specialized task. He had billions of neurons in his brain Specifically connected just to play chess, And this is what really saves time, because when it’s all said and done with enough practice, any of us could beat in eSports Professional in a McCree duel. It’S not that hard with enough practice. We can shave our reaction times down to one hundred and ten milliseconds, no problem, because this game here is Simple and wouldn’t even require that many specialized neurons to cut our thinking time down from over 150 milliseconds down to 75.

The real skill and the real test comes when playing a real game, a game with 280 characters, 17 maps and 12 players, which alone has over 5,000 permutations before the bullets even start, flying eastwards, pros when playing a game.

Every single frame they’re, comparing what they’re Experiencing to what they’ve experienced before their brains, are doing an extraordinary Amount of work behind the scenes, and you know how. I said that overwatch servers have a tick time of 63, meaning that they update 63 times a second. That leaves actually a surprisingly large margin for error when your reactions are around 100 to 150 milliseconds.

A 64 millisecond delay in communication makes a huge Impact. That’S why eSports pros Actually work on servers that have a tick rate of a hundred and forty four meaning that it cuts down signal transmission time from one computer to another and then back again from 64 milliseconds to 27. This is freaking fast and amazingly.

Well, There’s a lot of research that explains Why pro athletes aged out mainly that reaction times slow as we get older, There’s been a lot of promising research.

That shows that this slowdown is much much less noticeable among people who play Professional video games. So if you thought I was gon na tell you that you have to be a young person to be in esports pro. The answer is no, you just got ta have 10,000 hours of free time on hands so there. It is Why you suck why I suck and why a handful of people are awesome Time.

They have a lot of it And we don’t so.

You know, and if your mom gets on your ass about how much time you’re spending at your computer Just tell her that you’re trying to nail those eSports scholars that are bound to be coming in ten years from your local university. Tell her that I said it’s.

Rome Italy Top Things To Do | Viator Travel Guide

– Buon journo! Welcome to Rome. – This is one of the most lively capitol cities in all of Europe, and it’s full of food, and culture, and some serious ancient history.

– And there is a lot to see and do here, so we gotta head out now. – [Woman] Rome is such a unique city On every single block, there are ruins. This is the Pantheon. I mean, I’ve seen pictures of it, but the pictures don’t even do it justice. It’s so impressive to see these modern buildings mixed with ancient ruins right next to each other.

– [Man] Wow! This is amazing! You really get to see how big and majestic Rome is from this spot.

Definitely the best view I’ve seen of this city. – Oh my god, I wish you could see this. In the distance you see only St. Peter’s Basilica. In like the same shape, it’s gorgeous. – Wow, look at this.

I am now inside of the St. Peter’s Basilica, and this place is gigantic. Behind me, is the entrance to the Sistine Chapel. This is where Michelangelo’s painting, ^ the famous painting touching the fingers.

It’s one of the most majestic things I’ve ever seen in my life. – We’re headed to the Spanish Steps, ^ which is where Romans and tourists hang out. ^ It’s the best place in Rome to enjoy a gelato. I’m very excited Strawberry and chocolate, it couldn’t be better than this. – Death by chocolate, right here.

Wow, it’s the Colosseum, check it out! Inside the Colosseum, I’d say is even better than the outside. I’m told that about 50 to 80 thousand people were in this stadium, all cheering on their favorite gladiator, and the floor was made out of sand, and the sand was used to absorb the blood. ^ (Swords clanking) (Electronic music) – [Woman] The food in Italy, of course, is some of the best you’ll ever have. This right here is the Rolls Royce of meat.

Delicious. – You’ve ever heard of Ben Hur? Right here. 300 thousand people would come here, 27 centuries ago, and watch chariot races.

– Grabbing my chariot, also known as the segway. – [Man] Here we go, green lights. This is the life right here. Seeing Rome on the back of a Vespa.

– [Woman] You can’t go to Rome without seeing the Vatican, and there it is. – It’s crazy to think that there’s a country right here. Now I’m in Italy, now I’m in Vatican City.

Roma, grazie, this was an incredible experience. It’s definitely one of the best cities on the planet. – It’s been amazing, and I absolutely love the food here, as well as the Trevi Fountain. – For sure, and this thing right behind me, the Colosseum, is definitely my favorite. Ciao!

Simple steps to make homemade laundry soap

Hi there, and I wanted to share with you today about the simple steps to make homemade laundry detergent so I thought since I was making it this Saturday, you guys could just make it with me. Making homemade laundry detergent can save at least 240 dollars a year. Before I started making it on my own, we spent at least 20 dollars a month on laundry supplies. All the supplies that I need to make many many gallons of homemade laundry detergent a year costs me under ten dollars for the entire year, so that’s a huge savings and homeschooling mamas, that would be a lot of great homeschool curriculum if you saved the difference and obviously if you needed to save the difference to put towards additional grocery purchases or gas, for field trips or travel, you can do that too. The three ingredients that I use, and see I just take a little baggie over the top when I already have my boxes open for storage.

I use Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda, my local Walmart has all of these things available, all these products. If your local store doesn’t, you can see a link at the end of this video to my blog post on how to make homemade laundry detergent and you can get the links to get it all on Amazon. This is Borax and then this lovely soap, Fels-Naptha, if I’m saying it correctly, probably not, this is a dollar a bar. The Borax is usually about, a little over three, not quite four; same with the Super Washing Soda and the bar of soap that I use is usually a dollar a bar and I go through probably three bars a year. So, what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna grate my soap, here with just a regular cheese grater.

I’m gonna boil water in my pot. I’m gonna add my soap. I’ll stir it while it’s boiling. Then I pour my boiling water into my bucket that I got at the hardware store.

I’ve been using this bucket for at least five years now, for my laundry soap. I’m gonna fill the difference of my bucket with hot water, and I’ll also add in approximately half a cup of Borax, half a cup of Super Washing Soda. Then, I take an empty laundry detergent bottle. I fill it halfway with my mix from my bucket. I fill the other half with water and then the laundry detergent does gel, so I just give it a good shake. This is a full one I did this morning before my bucket was empty and I add a cap to my laundry.

Now, my husband does mechanical work, as well as electrical work, we always get his clothes clean. I have pre-teen and teenage sons and they do lots of yard work. We always get their grass stains out. So, for five years we’ve had no trouble with it. We’re getting ready to have our seventh child.

It takes care of baby stains and all of that. So, you’re gonna watch me through the steps and at the end we’ll have a big old bucket of laundry soap. Okay, so I start with, I take my soap. Let me also add that I’ve talked to moms who, some moms like to use a bar of Ivory soap and that’s obviously cheaper than a dollar a bar. There are different soap brands out there people like. One of them is Dobre Mylo.

I have found some good pictures of the homemade laundry and dishwashing soap on of their website (Ukrainian language).

Dobre Mylo laundry soap

I love the smell of this old-fashioned soap. It says, “Laundry bar and stain remover.” So we are friends and that’s the only one I’ve used for five years.

So, I’ve also talked to some moms who use a separate grater for their soap, but ya know what? We use soap to wash our dishes, so this is the same grater that I grate our cheese with. We just wash it, it’s no big deal. No use for a separate grater.

When I first started making this, I had a super limited budget and even spending a few dollars for a new grater would put me over the edge so I’ve just used this one and you can tell, you know, it’s broken at the top also but it still works. It still does the job. So, it’s on my yard-sale-finding list. So, I’m gonna grate this whole bar, that’ll take a few minutes. I will also pause for a moment and get my pot of water boiling. I use about, you see how rough guesstimates this is, I use about half a pot of water and I boil the soap in it and fill my bucket the rest of the way.

That’s usually the only hot water that I need. Okay, so here is our plate of grated soap. I’m now gonna put this into our boiling water.

I’m gonna stir it while it boils until it’s all melted and we’ll take it from there. So this is the next, very uncomplicated step. I am just stirring the grated soap in the hot water and I’m gonna probably have to stir it here for about a minute and then it’ll be ready for us to pour into the big bucket. Okay, so I have boiled my grated soap and the water smells fantastic.

I’m gonna pour it into my big bucket here. Lots of steam, proving it is very hot (banging) and then I’m gonna take my half a cup of Borax, pour it in, and my half a cup of Super Washing Soda, pour it in, and then I squat down here like a good country woman and I stir up my soap. I’m gonna stir this, just for a little bit and then you can see how much is in my bucket. I’m gonna fill it the rest of the way with water and I’ll stir that up with a long painting stick probably and then this bucket will sit in the back by my washing machine – Oh yeah. – And when our bottle of laundry soap gets low again, I will fill my laundry soap bottle half with this mixture and half with pure water and I will use a cap full in every load, and again, making homemade laundry detergent costs around ten dollars a year and it saves well over 240 dollars.

Thank you so much and I’ll see ya next week.

Is your Betfair trading or betting system or strategy profitable?

Please like or dislike the video or leave a comment below that will allow me to produce better videos and more of them in the future. So I’d like to show you a graph here – and this graph is of a lay strategy that I have so you can see over here is 0 over. Here is 250 pound. So this strategy itself, its maximum stake, is actually smaller. It’S it’s always permanent permanently below 10 pound, and that’s just the way that the strategy works. It’S done on small stakes because it was an experimental strategy, but you can see that it is working because all these numbers over here are much higher.

This number or this plot over here is it 200, this one is it 190 or so this one is at a hundred and opps. What’S this one, this one is actually negative, I’ll explain what’s going on in a second, but my point here is: how do you know that a system is working and wider systems seem to turn negative the moment you starts to use them. Well, if you look at this plot here, the interesting thing about it is that if we I’ll just move this out of the way and we’ll bring it back into play at some point, if you have a system – and this one this this system that I have Here is a as a lay system, so you expect a fair amount of variability say: you’ve got a profitable system, it’s gon na, be here and when it starts it’s going to be over here, but the journey between the two is not going to be a straight Line it would be absolutely incredible if the system sort of went like that. You know that is not realistic.

That is just not going to happen, you’re not going to see that that never happens. However, what tends to happen is this is the break-even line here. Is that the system will be meander and do this and sort of end up with a graph? That looks something like that. You know there are going to be points at which it’s negative. So, very often, when you create a system, it may actually be long term profitable, but you never actually stay in the system long enough to figure out.

If that is the case, and the problem is, if you measure on a pound note or a dollar for our American friends perspective at some point, that will probably be negative, you will end up underwater in pound note values of dollar values when you first start system, Because of this variability that you get at the very very start, many many years into the future, if your system remains intact, it will always end up on the positive side and you’ll be miles away from going negative. However, when you first start, you may have periods of draw downs where you are negative and very often what happens? Is you spend years looking at something you analyzed all the data you figure out that you’ve got a profitable system, you implement it and it just happens to go on a losing run. The moment you start and at that point you just sort of go. You know what I’m not going to do this any longer.

I’Ve obviously made a mistake, forget about it, but the fact is, it may just be in one of these down. Coves say you started your system here or you started your system here or you started your system here then in fact you know each time you would have been negative. It would be really unlucky if you did it three times and you ended up negative three times. It’S very likely that on one of those occasions, you’d actually pick the bottom or somewhere in the middle. Perhaps it would be unlucky if you did it three times in a row, but the fact is your system probably isn’t failing it’s just your psychology is basically saying I’m not willing to take a loss, I’m not willing to take a loss, I’m not willing to take A loss and therefore you never see it through whether you look at this over many months or over a trade in ten minutes.

The same psychology goes into play. The downside feels much worse than the upside and, and you tend to blame on external circumstances. The fact is, it’s your system and if it’s profitable or negative its you okay, nobody else is to blame. It’S you so get rid of that assumption, but necessarily when it sinks lower you’re, always looking for a reason as to why it failed, and if you have a profitable system you back test it you’ve looked at data. You’Ve done all of these things.

It could still be in one of these troughs when you first start it and the fact is that you’ll think yeah Jesus another one, another one. That’S gone completely to waste. I’Ve just wasted six months of my life and hours studying spreadsheets and the fact is, I’ve started it and its immediate ending to us, but it could just be a part of the natural variation of the system.

So therefore, when you’re looking at any system, what I tend to do is measure the variability in returns. So I tend to look at profit over turnover and basically, when you do that, and you express that as a percentage, what you tends to find when you do profit over turnover, whether it’s trading betting, whatever to start with you know, the the the variability is like That and then eventually it settles down, so you actually look at your line and basically that line ends up sort of gradually slowly above it, and then you go hey. We have a long-term profitable system, but in the early days that profit over turnover is going to be incredibly variable and you will not know if you have a profitable system or not, but just simply for the facts that it was negative at one point or hugely Positive at the other, when it’s negative, it doesn’t mean that you’ve got a terrible system.

You’Re going to lose enormous amounts of money will probably regress to mean at some point and likewise, on the positive side, there have been many times when I’ve started with very negative systems of very positive systems, but I’ve just learnt over time that you just think. Well, it doesn’t matter, it makes it’s an irrelevance. What I’m more interested in is when this number starts to settle down here, so it could be a tiny number.

It could be something like you know, 0.15 percent or something, but when you’re consistently chucking in the same number, when you compare profits to turnover as a percentage when that number begins to stabilize and settle on a particular value. That’S when you can give it the tick and say: let’s progress and go ahead. I have a profitable system. So if we go back to where we started, which was this chart here, what you should also do is run variations on your system. So what you can see on this top line here, if I, if I do a gentle plot here, so that you can see it a little bit clearer, you can actually see.

If I draw this, can you see how variable it is when you look at it? After it’s long term period where it’s up sort of two hundred and something odd pound, you know that looks pretty clear-cut. You definitely know that we have a profitable system there and if you express that as a percentage on turnover, you could tell that fairly fairly early on it was generally positive. Most of the time, however, you could have easily ducked out down at this point here. You could have easily said all you know what I’m losing money on this I’m going to abandon it, but this chart actually runs from mid-may to the end of July.

So over two and a half months, I’ve managed to just using 10-pound stakes to rack up over two hundred pounds worth of profit, so that is definitely profitable. But I’m not looking at that from a monetary perspective, I’m expressing it as a percentage of turnover, which is the way that I suggest you do it. So if you look down here, you can see that there’s something that’s consistently negative, so that one has definitely not worked. What is that system, and what was I doing on that? Well, each one of these plots is a variation on that main system.

So it’s taking the same data, the same qualification, but it’s varying it, and the reason that we’re doing that is we’re trying to prove that this big positive line is true, that there is some element of truth in it that we have found value in this particular System that there is a positive expectancy, so this line down here is a negative variation on the strategy. So this is saying: well if this strategy is positive for the following reasons, then it goes to make perfect sense that if we modify elements of that in such a way that we try and turn it negative, it should be negative. And that is exactly what we’ve seen so I know that this is a strategy that not only works, but something that I can scale and start raising the stakes on, and that is because I can prove and disprove the strategy like it works. It definitely works. There’S another line through here that you’ll be interested in as well, which I’m going to plot here.

You can see it’s a little bit shallower and the line that you see running through here is basically a modification of the system. So it’s not as risky as this. It doesn’t have all the qualifying criteria here. This is saying: is there a Midway? Is there a safe point, something that produces less variation and again this goes on to prove and qualify that the the general system is working, because we’re saying if we didn’t want to take as much risk and we wanted to raise stakes slowly then, is there a Middle line that we can follow that it’s perhaps over qualifies perhaps what we’re attempting to do and that’s the middle line that you can see there.

So my suggestion to you is that you know wider systems fail the moment you use them very often they don’t. It’S just the natural variability of the system. If you want to eliminate that natural variability measure, your profit against your turnover and when that percentage starts to settle. That’S the true value of the system that you have or have not uncovered, but also implement the same strategy. But with variations, because if you can prove that it works for a certain reason and you modify it in such a way that it should have a negative effect on it, and you see that negative effect, then you’ve definitely got something that is profitable and that’s how I suggest you look at a system whether it’s your trading, a betting system or any other type of process.

That’S the way that I suggest you look at it, analyze it and make a decision about whether what you’ve got is worth something or whether you perhaps just flipped it or perhaps you joined it on the wrong part of the cycle. That’S what I do and you can see on this particular strategy that I invented this year over two and a half months. I can definitely prove that it’s for real, because I can all of those factors go into place.

Percentage on turnover, positive and negative. Variations on the system prove that this is working perfectly and that’s what I suggest you do if you’re interested in learning more about betting. Gel its tools and the opportunities they present, then, why not visit bet angel comm today and download a free trial?

Mobile Payments at Mobile Casinos

Recently, lots of new casinos have opened and many new games were released. In today’s article, however, we’d like to talk about a huge part of the remote gambling industry which is a little less glamorous, but no less important: mobile payments.

Already simple and convenient, mobile payments are the best way to deposit when playing at mobile casinos, with the technology evolving and new methods emerging all the time.

Do you remember the days when you would hesitate to use your credit card online, thinking that someone would steal your account details and take all of your money? Fast forward less than a decade and buying things online comes as naturally to most of us as visiting the high street. But it’s not just on our desktops that we do our shopping now, as people are increasingly using their mobile phones to purchase anything from groceries to holidays to online entertainment whilst on the go.

Of course, some of the consumers who have benefited most from these advances are mobile casinos, who now have a plethora of options for topping up their accounts easily and getting down to playing. Nearing half a trillion of pounds in transactions this year and expected to reach approximately 650 billion pounds globally by 2017, mobile payments are something that every mobile gambler is familiar with.

Those who play on desktop might be afraid that mobile depositing is fiddly, complex or unsecure and might log on their desktop to deposit, but they really don’t need to worry. Mobile payments are super easy – just open up the casino cashier system, select a method of payment and deposit. You can use pretty much any credit and debit card, an e-wallet system such as Neteller or Skrill, buy prepaid cards like Paysafecard.

Whichever method you use, the funds are transferred instantly, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra. The ease and speed with which you can deposit at a casino by using your mobile has been improved upon over the years and that is great when you need some extra cash fast. Now, Apple and Google are making it easier still. Both of these IT giants have developed their own mobile payment products that enable you to make payments very easily, and at never before seen speeds. With Apple Pay and Google Wallet, your smartphone essentially becomes a credit card, an e-wallet and a prepaid card all in one. Simply wave your smartphone in a shop, similarly to a contactless payment card, and you will have paid for the goods. Both methods can also be used online, but only at select sites for now. Furthermore, Apple Pay will also charge a nominal fee for each transaction and every transaction you make is limited to £20.

Although this isn’t great news – as other mobile payments are free and unlimited – the technological innovation that Apple and Google are bringing shouldn’t be underestimated.

As reported by Casinoslots, there are no news, not even rumors, yet as to which casino might be the first one to accept either Apple Pay or Google Wallet payments, but we are sure that the gambling industry will be keen to embrace the latest technological advancements in mobile payments.

Re-entering the Board

On rare occasions, a player may be able to establish three points on his opponent’s board. Now black’s prob¬lem is almost insurmountable. However, this situation means that white must have at least six men back, and he has to be lucky enough to come in and make three points rather than merely coming on a point already held.

Black can circumvent this situation by refusing to hit any more white men. Even if white does manage to get three points, it leaves him with only nine other men to build his board. All in all, he should not worry too much about this possibility.

Frequently, after having been hit, a player will have options on where to play his man when re-entering the board. When this happens, he should try to make either the 1 and 3 points or the 1 and 2 points.

These two combinations of points are the most effective for back games. The reason that these points are more useful than other possible combinations of two points is that they are a threat to the opponent during his entry onto his board and during his bear off. If white has some combination such as the 1 and 5 points, black may be able to get his men past white’s on the 5 point and will then have only one of white’s points to worry about.

There is another factor that is very important when considering a back game: timing. The reason for play¬ing a back game is that a player hopes to hit his op¬opponent’s man and then to take advantage of that play.

W hite’s timing is hopeless. If he hits a man, there is no way he will be able to make use of it. His men are too far advanced. Black will come in and run around the board at his convenience.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

Taking a Break

In a blog earlier this month I talked about one of the two of “nevers” in casino table games and that was never quit a winning streak, the other “never” was NEVER REACH INTO YOUR POCKET TO BET MORE THAN YOUR ORIGINAL BUY IN.

If it makes sense to NEVER quit a winning streak, then the opposite is also true. ALWAYS quit a losing streak. If your original buy in is gone, you are on a losing streak of sorts, it may only be a small one, but it is time to quit and try somewhere else.

Part of proper game planning includes a money management strategy which allocates so much for your buy in amount, once that is gone, then it’s not logical to reach for more, it’s time to walk away and take a break.

One of the worse things you can do in casino gambling is chase your money. Reaching into your pocket for more at a particular table is exactly that, chasing your money.

By taking a break you can clear your mind of any negativity and mentally prepare yourself to go at it again. There is no time limitation on this break, it can be a few minutes, a half hour, whatever you feel comfortable with. Sometimes it is just a matter of going to a different table or relaxing in the Keno lounge, or going to another casino.

It is entirely up to you, but you need to walk away. Any of the above scenarios are a better option than reaching into your pocket to chase the money you have already lost.

I personally like the change of venue, as in going to another casino, however sometimes that is not practical, especially if you are at one of the strip casinos in Las Vegas (it is a long way between casinos).

One of the reasons I like playing the downtown casinos in Las Vegas is because a change of venue was just a walk across the street to another casino.

Just as an added footnote, another reason I like the downtown casinos in Las Vegas is the house rules are a little more player friendly (payouts, etc.).

But, if I am playing in one of the strip casinos, I like to take a short break between tables by relaxing in the Keno lounge, drinking a Corona and enjoying a good cigar. It allows me to refocus, shake off the last table, and then go at it again in search of that winning streak I know will come.

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Ringing in the City of Lights

When in Paris, remember two things: sparkling white wine and champagne are the accepted drinks for New Years; if you get the two of them mixed up, run away very quickly. Such a mix up generally involves long, long lectures.

Parisians like their sweets on this holiday, and many of them mimic little firecrackers.

Speaking of which, both firecrackers and their larger brothers, fireworks, are completely legal and can be bought in Paris. Even if you do not choose to do so, many do, and as a result fireworks are often set off in the streets.

Ringing in the New Year on the Champs-Elysees is absolutely beautiful — and the festivities begin at 9pm!

Montmartre is another popular choice, specifically the plaza of the Sacre Coeur Cathedral.

Ringing in the City of Lights: 1

What could be more spectacular than welcoming in 2010 while in the heart of Paris? Darling, I just wish I could. Some year I will, but in the meantime, let’s talk about what there is to do in this dazzling city.

There are plenty of traditions for bringing in the New Year in Paris. Among them, St. Sylvestre — the New Year itself — begins on the first of January and ends on the first of February. At midnight on the first of January, Parisians begin exchanging those charming little cheek kisses and they which one another “Bonne Annee!”

These are by no means the only traditions, of course, but to celebrate the holiday like a true Parisian, they are certainly excellent places to start!

Bringing Your Dog To Paris

When you think about it – your dog is certainly part of your family, especially if you are a dog-owner like me.  If I could bring my dogs everywhere, I would.  Did you know that Paris is actually really big on dogs and almost everyone in the city has one?  So what’s to say that you, as a dog owner could not bring your pet with you on vacation to Paris?

There are a few steps that you need to go through in order to bring your pet though and that is what we are going to talk about in the next couple blogs.  One of the first things that you will need to do is make sure that you know all about the laws of the airline that you will be flying.

This just takes a little bit of research and asking quite a few questions – for example, calling the airline and finding out what you need to do to bring your dog to Paris is a great idea!

Entertaining kids in Paris!

Kids enjoy fun and entertainment. When you take your children to Paris on vacation, often they want to visit the most entertaining and fun areas around town. The children to start will enjoy the new atmosphere. Your kids however will miss their friends back home. It is up to you to keep your children occupied and see that their needs are met. The best way to handle this problem is to remember when you were a kid. Unleash that child inside of you, and join your children for the most exciting adventures in Paris. Make your day a learning experience.

Your children will likely enjoy donkey rides and ice cream along the banks of the Jardin de Tuileries. Along the left side of this area is the Jardin dul Luxembourg. Here your children and you will enjoy a broad range of entertainment suited for all ages. The Champ de Mars is another area you can take your children, which is located on the other side of Luxembourg.

Paris provides your children with exciting options, such as the famous puppet shows. At the puppet shows in Paris, your children will enjoy the colorful preclusions. The puppets reenact the Gothic Castles and the Oriental Palace adventures. The best puppet shows are held at the Champ de Mars. Your children will definitely enjoy the experience. Likely, you will enjoy the show as well.

Lastly, your children may enjoy a trip to Disneyland. Here is where Mickey and Minnie join with their friends in Paris so that children can have the time of their life.

Montmartre: the REAL paris

In Paris, as you roam the streets you will enjoy beautiful sights no matter where you visit. In Paris, tourists have a broad collection of tour sites and attractions. In Paris, you have a broad assortment of tour bus that will take you to destinations throughout the city. Tour buses in Paris are discretionary. If you choose to walk, you will see more of the surroundings. When you take the bus, often you will miss some of Paris’s amazing sights.


In Paris, you will take a trip to the Montmartre. This is one of the top chosen tour attractions in the capital city of France. In this region, you will likely enjoy the various sites of Paris as you stroll by the striking demoiselle or jeune fille Montmartre. This woman has a magnificent history.

On the tour, you may want to stroll down to the North Slopes of the magnificent Van Gogh. The painting is still hanging. Gogh walked the land of Paris many years. As you stroll on down through the streets, you will take pleasure in Paris’s exceptional studios. The lofts are elegantly full of well-appointed scenes. The scenery will channel you to paintings of famous artists, and memoirs where musicians once visited. In this region, you will view the homes of legendary celebrities.

As you continue through the streets of Paris, you will not want to miss the Moulin Rouge. This thoroughfare is one of Paris’s chief attractions.

Bringing Your Dog To Paris

Now that we have talked a little bit about the airline regulations, there is another thing that you will need to think about whenever you are bringing your pet to Paris and that is the hotel.  Because pets are so popular in Paris, you should have absolutely no problems at all finding a hotel that is going to allow pets.

However – there is probably going to be a fee that you are going to have to pay up front – that is something that you need to be aware of so that you can make sure that you fit it into your Paris vacation budget.

Bringing your pet on vacation with you can be stressful but it can also be incredible, as you will have your entire family with you.

Christmas Vacations In Paris, Where To Stay: 

Now that we have talked about one hotel that is perfect for the winter months, especially around Christmas, let’s dive into our second one.  This is a hotel that is not only cute as heck, but it is a hotel that is perfect for a winter hideaway.  There is almost always a blazing fire in the salon that burns right into the glazed conservatory and I have to say that this hotel has some beautiful rooms.

The Hotel de l’Abbaye is the name of it and all of the rooms themselves are different – and if you are feeling rich, you could get yourself a duplex suite that has some fantastic paintings and some beautiful wallpaper.  With this place, the breakfast is included and it’s a good thing because the breakfast is awesome!

The Hotel de l’Abbaye is the ideal place whenever you are looking to get away for Christmas and experience Paris!

Christmas Vacations In Paris, Where To Stay: 

It has to be said that when you are looking to do a vacation around Christmas right, you need to do it in Paris.  Christmas is Paris is not only beautiful but I can tell you that there are some fantastic packages that you can get as well as some incredible restaurants and sights to see right around Christmas.

One of the first things that you need to decide however is where you are going to stay and I have two hotels that we are going to explore that are perfect to celebrate your Christmas holiday at.  The first up is the Champs-Elysees Plaza – this beautiful hotel has actually been beautifully redecorated in a contemporary period style that is beautiful.

There are tons of furry throws, a fire in the bar/lounge area and of course some of the rooms have a Jacuzzi bath inside of them, perfect to warm up in!

Historical Athens

Athens- the beautiful city of Greece and the world has numerous reasons to attract all categories of tourists. If you are looking forward for fun or knowledge or leisure time-the city of Athens is very much suited for everything. There are a number of places to visit in Athens which would prove that your trip is worthy in all means. Apart from all these, the historical importance of Athens is matchless and historians find it as a great place to explore and unfold the facts of olden times.

The transportation facilities provided by the tourism authority of Athens is absolutely superb and well structured. The most important factor is that transportation is very much affordable and that adds to your purpose of a budget trip to Athens. Lots of private and authorized bus operators run up and down the Athens carrying tourists all the time. It is hard to find a period or day or a season without tourists in the city of Athens. The tour operators are too vigilant to serve the tourists even during the night time. Night services enable tourists for unique sightseeing during the night time.

The Attica zoological park is one of the important attractions of Athens. It was opened in the year 2000 and it is incredible to witness the number of bird species in this park. More than 270 different species of birds make their homes in this park and Attica zoological park is named as third largest zoological park in the world. Some rare wild animals are also present in this zoological park which includes kangaroos, reptile etc. metro line 3 of the railways make the transportation to the zoological park very easy. Apart from the bird sanctuary and wild animals, the park is constructed with a clear and great vision to arrange all sorts of entertainment for all kinds of people. Attica zoological park at Athens has turned out as one of the best hideouts for families as it had a beautiful garden and children’s park within the zoological park.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

The stadium which hosted the first Olympics in the year 1896 is world famous for the same reason. The stadium is commonly known as the “Panathen” stadium. This stadium alone can stand out as a single reason to attract tourists from all over the world to Athens, because of its historical importance. Panathen stadium is located at Ardittos hill in Athens. With a total stadium capacity of 70,000 people, Panathen stadium now hosts all major athletic and sport events. Panathen stadium is opened for tourists all the days, and it can be a wonderful experience to visit and to cherish memories of the very first Olympics.

The concert hall of Athens has attracted countless tourists in the past from all parts of the world. The concert hall is known as “Meragon” and this concert hall is considered as one of the best concert halls in the world. The architectural excellence and space inside the hall is absolutely a treat to watch for tourists. The concert hall is open all days to welcome tourists.

Hallstatt In Austria

Austria is one of the most beautiful European countries to visit. On a budgetary expedition in Europe, majority of tourists never missed to visit Austria, especially some of the very important cities in Austria renowned for their rich tradition and culture. Hallstatt is one of such cities which have something great to attract all types of tourists. Educational tourists will find Hallstatt as one of the must-visit places in the world because of the research opportunities they have in the salt mines of Hallstatt.

The hallmark of Hallstatt is the salt mines and it was found out long 7000 years back. The immense salt wealth of Hallstatt made it a good trade centre and people started relocating to Hallstatt. Archeological studies have got great scope on lake shores of Hallstatt as the salt varieties present there are definitely a subject of experimental research. A budget trip to Austria should not miss Hallstatt, as it won’t cost you anything to have some great knowledge about one of the unique places in the world, rich in natural wealth.

UNESCO has given high ratings for Hallstatt by including this city into the list of UNESCO world heritage site. The museums in Hallstatt is truly an amazing experience and the archeological museum situated in the city center of Hallstatt has some unique collections that has attracted tourists from every nook and corner of the world.

This is a region immensely blessed with natural scenic attraction and beauty. Once landed, everyone would feel it as the heaven on earth, which is the most important peculiarity of Austria. The mountains and valleys form a great composition to convey the nature’s miraculous sights in the world. Hikers and trekkers choose Austria as their best pick when it matters to hiking and trekking. Trekking over the mountains is a thrilling experience and the climate and atmosphere is absolutely conducive for challenging tasks like trekking.

Salts purchased from Hallstatt would be the best ever salts you would have ever added to your recipes. Hallstatt would be a unique location in the world where one can have an exclusive shopping for varieties of salts. Salts come in different forms such as huge pieces of crystal salts, bath salts, and gourmet salts etc. All varieties are available and it is available at a comparatively cheaper rate. Hallstatt is exactly located in the southeastern region of Salzburg city. One of the difficulties to reach Hallstatt is that, no direct trains are available from the Salzburg city to Hallstatt. From Salzburg you will have to catch a bus through any of the travel agencies.

Apart from that, you can get connection trains to reach the city of Hallstatt and that will be one of the thrilling experiences. The railway station at Hallstatt is located across the lake, and the first sight of Hallstatt city would be absolutely incredible with the site of lake as well. As a matter of all these facts, Hallstatt, a city in Austria is a city that you do not want to miss out on a budget trip to Europe.

Budget Trip To Valencia

Valencia is one of the very important tourist destinations in Europe. Valencia is situated in Spain and can be considered as one of the most beautiful tourist centers for all most all types of activities. If it is cinema, museum, business or anything, Valencia is the hottest city with everything to spend time. If you are planning for a budget expedition in Europe, Valencia is one of the cities to be included without compromise. Special care has to be taken to get the cheapest of the quotes for air travel and transportation to really make it a budget trip.

Valencia is rich in natural beauty and the seaport attractions in cities are something you don’t want to miss out. The sand on the sea shore is so fine, pure and clean, and everyone would like to have a sun bath at the sea shores. The uniqueness, with which the city of Valencia stands, makes it the great natural attraction of all times. The crystal water and vast open ocean along with huge mountains which form a great barrier is the best attraction of sea port cities.

There are lots of specialties in the streets of Valencia. A budget trip to Valencia will fetch you good products for cheaper rates. You can find numerous varieties of products ranging from hand made crafty works to materials of latest trend and fashion. If you are good in bargaining, you can grab those, even more cheaply. Apart from that, the city of Valencia is well known for the variety it has got in clothing materials. You can find clothing materials of different styles and stuff, suitable to wear in different climatic conditions.

The streets such as Sorni and Amoros are well known for its varieties in jewel collections. It is for sure and certain that you will find the jewel collections of your choice. Jewel items come in different ranges and if your budget trip is strict in spending for accessories, you can find stuffs without burning your pocket. Or, if you are in search of some luxurious jewel item you can get that as well of your choice.

The street markets are another attraction of Valencia. All streets of Valencia are packed up with markets, on all mornings of weekdays. From eatables to crockery, from wine shops to textile show rooms-everything you can find there of your choice. Apart from all these, if your budget is too limited to spend so much on shopping, you have another alternative as well. You will get second hand items for cheap price at the market streets of Valencia.

The cultural history of Valencia is something everyone should study and understand when you visit the city of Valencia. The statues and gates reflect the architectural prowess of old people and those are so strong to withstand anything, When you come to know that, the cultural symbols of Valencia, that are built in 13th or 14th century still remain as what it was, you can understand the skill, creativity and hard work of people of those ages. These cultural monuments are a must-visit aspect of the city of Valencia.