Best Places To Visit In Asia

Asia is perhaps too colossal in its expanse and diversity to be understood as a travel destination. However, it does some offer of the most exotic sights that are perfect for visiting to seek recreational gratification and enlighten your senses with an unrivaled aura and magnificence. The big advantage is that you can visit the famous casinos in Macau, as well as play online casino in Asia.

Some of the most recommended places in Asia that should be a part of any Asia travel plan include:

Angkor in Cambodia – this place is recommended for those who seek pleasures in exploring the grandeur of ancient historical sights. The expanse of the Angkor Wat is mind-boggling and so is its creation with five soaring stone towers. However, it is a general misconception that the Angkor Wat is single-entity travel destination. The Wat is just one UNESCO World Heritage Sight that is located in the proximity of some of the most impressive historical creations found in Asia. Angkor represents one of the largest historical temple ruin complexes in the world and there is even an archaeological park here that helps you understand the creation of these massive temple structures.

Other structures in vicinity of the Angkor Wat include:

– Angkor Thom (ruins of the sole surviving ancient Khmer City)

– Bakong (one of the earliest Angkor ruins with a typical pyramid temple shape)

– Bayon (the most famous and puzzling Angkor creation with the Temple of Stone Faces)

– Terrace of the Elephants (an ancient monument displaying rows of marching elephants)

Bangkok, Thailand – any Asian travel itinerary cannot be complete without a visit to its most reputed commercial centre, Bangkok. It is the capital of Thailand and offers a rare blend of a historic city at total ease with its bustling pace and ever-growing demand for financial growth. Those who want to be acquainted with the history of the city should visit Rattanakosin – the Old Royal City. Other historical sites that line Bangkok include the Grand Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

Bangkok has an amazing appetite for catering to tourist demands and it offers travel packages and accommodations options across the most unbelievable range. This is where you can see an authentic and perhaps the first-ever ‘Chinatown’. The Bangkok Chinatown gives you an idea of how ancient cultures and modern lifestyles merge and co-exist. Another world-famous feature about Bangkok is the Floating Markets like that of Damnoen Saduak. This is something endemic to Bangkok as nowhere else will you find an so many boatmen vending goods in small make-shift boats.

Plain of Jars, Laos – if you have an appetite for traveling to the unknown and slightly mysterious places, they this is where you should be headed. Located in the remote locations of Laos, this is the remnant of a civilization about which nothing much has been discovered so far. The place is still being brought the attention of the world, so the entire tour could be quite economical. The Plain of Jars is famous for these gigantic stone creations, which are hard to decode and their relevance for religious ceremonies is still being investigated. In addition to the mystifying jars-shaped structure, you can also visit the nearby town of Phonsavan which offers the best site to get your hands on some locally-made handicrafts and other such items that are otherwise difficult to find in major cities.

Ringing in the City of Lights

When in Paris, remember two things: sparkling white wine and champagne are the accepted drinks for New Years; if you get the two of them mixed up, run away very quickly. Such a mix up generally involves long, long lectures.

Parisians like their sweets on this holiday, and many of them mimic little firecrackers.

Speaking of which, both firecrackers and their larger brothers, fireworks, are completely legal and can be bought in Paris. Even if you do not choose to do so, many do, and as a result fireworks are often set off in the streets.

Ringing in the New Year on the Champs-Elysees is absolutely beautiful — and the festivities begin at 9pm!

Montmartre is another popular choice, specifically the plaza of the Sacre Coeur Cathedral.

Ringing in the City of Lights: 1

What could be more spectacular than welcoming in 2010 while in the heart of Paris? Darling, I just wish I could. Some year I will, but in the meantime, let’s talk about what there is to do in this dazzling city.

There are plenty of traditions for bringing in the New Year in Paris. Among them, St. Sylvestre — the New Year itself — begins on the first of January and ends on the first of February. At midnight on the first of January, Parisians begin exchanging those charming little cheek kisses and they which one another “Bonne Annee!”

These are by no means the only traditions, of course, but to celebrate the holiday like a true Parisian, they are certainly excellent places to start!

Bringing Your Dog To Paris

When you think about it – your dog is certainly part of your family, especially if you are a dog-owner like me.  If I could bring my dogs everywhere, I would.  Did you know that Paris is actually really big on dogs and almost everyone in the city has one?  So what’s to say that you, as a dog owner could not bring your pet with you on vacation to Paris?

There are a few steps that you need to go through in order to bring your pet though and that is what we are going to talk about in the next couple blogs.  One of the first things that you will need to do is make sure that you know all about the laws of the airline that you will be flying.

This just takes a little bit of research and asking quite a few questions – for example, calling the airline and finding out what you need to do to bring your dog to Paris is a great idea!

Entertaining kids in Paris!

Kids enjoy fun and entertainment. When you take your children to Paris on vacation, often they want to visit the most entertaining and fun areas around town. The children to start will enjoy the new atmosphere. Your kids however will miss their friends back home. It is up to you to keep your children occupied and see that their needs are met. The best way to handle this problem is to remember when you were a kid. Unleash that child inside of you, and join your children for the most exciting adventures in Paris. Make your day a learning experience.

Your children will likely enjoy donkey rides and ice cream along the banks of the Jardin de Tuileries. Along the left side of this area is the Jardin dul Luxembourg. Here your children and you will enjoy a broad range of entertainment suited for all ages. The Champ de Mars is another area you can take your children, which is located on the other side of Luxembourg.

Paris provides your children with exciting options, such as the famous puppet shows. At the puppet shows in Paris, your children will enjoy the colorful preclusions. The puppets reenact the Gothic Castles and the Oriental Palace adventures. The best puppet shows are held at the Champ de Mars. Your children will definitely enjoy the experience. Likely, you will enjoy the show as well.

Lastly, your children may enjoy a trip to Disneyland. Here is where Mickey and Minnie join with their friends in Paris so that children can have the time of their life.

Montmartre: the REAL paris

In Paris, as you roam the streets you will enjoy beautiful sights no matter where you visit. In Paris, tourists have a broad collection of tour sites and attractions. In Paris, you have a broad assortment of tour bus that will take you to destinations throughout the city. Tour buses in Paris are discretionary. If you choose to walk, you will see more of the surroundings. When you take the bus, often you will miss some of Paris’s amazing sights.


In Paris, you will take a trip to the Montmartre. This is one of the top chosen tour attractions in the capital city of France. In this region, you will likely enjoy the various sites of Paris as you stroll by the striking demoiselle or jeune fille Montmartre. This woman has a magnificent history.

On the tour, you may want to stroll down to the North Slopes of the magnificent Van Gogh. The painting is still hanging. Gogh walked the land of Paris many years. As you stroll on down through the streets, you will take pleasure in Paris’s exceptional studios. The lofts are elegantly full of well-appointed scenes. The scenery will channel you to paintings of famous artists, and memoirs where musicians once visited. In this region, you will view the homes of legendary celebrities.

As you continue through the streets of Paris, you will not want to miss the Moulin Rouge. This thoroughfare is one of Paris’s chief attractions.

Bringing Your Dog To Paris

Now that we have talked a little bit about the airline regulations, there is another thing that you will need to think about whenever you are bringing your pet to Paris and that is the hotel.  Because pets are so popular in Paris, you should have absolutely no problems at all finding a hotel that is going to allow pets.

However – there is probably going to be a fee that you are going to have to pay up front – that is something that you need to be aware of so that you can make sure that you fit it into your Paris vacation budget.

Bringing your pet on vacation with you can be stressful but it can also be incredible, as you will have your entire family with you.

Christmas Vacations In Paris, Where To Stay: 

Now that we have talked about one hotel that is perfect for the winter months, especially around Christmas, let’s dive into our second one.  This is a hotel that is not only cute as heck, but it is a hotel that is perfect for a winter hideaway.  There is almost always a blazing fire in the salon that burns right into the glazed conservatory and I have to say that this hotel has some beautiful rooms.

The Hotel de l’Abbaye is the name of it and all of the rooms themselves are different – and if you are feeling rich, you could get yourself a duplex suite that has some fantastic paintings and some beautiful wallpaper.  With this place, the breakfast is included and it’s a good thing because the breakfast is awesome!

The Hotel de l’Abbaye is the ideal place whenever you are looking to get away for Christmas and experience Paris!

Christmas Vacations In Paris, Where To Stay: 

It has to be said that when you are looking to do a vacation around Christmas right, you need to do it in Paris.  Christmas is Paris is not only beautiful but I can tell you that there are some fantastic packages that you can get as well as some incredible restaurants and sights to see right around Christmas.

One of the first things that you need to decide however is where you are going to stay and I have two hotels that we are going to explore that are perfect to celebrate your Christmas holiday at.  The first up is the Champs-Elysees Plaza – this beautiful hotel has actually been beautifully redecorated in a contemporary period style that is beautiful.

There are tons of furry throws, a fire in the bar/lounge area and of course some of the rooms have a Jacuzzi bath inside of them, perfect to warm up in!

Historical Athens

Athens- the beautiful city of Greece and the world has numerous reasons to attract all categories of tourists. If you are looking forward for fun or knowledge or leisure time-the city of Athens is very much suited for everything. There are a number of places to visit in Athens which would prove that your trip is worthy in all means. Apart from all these, the historical importance of Athens is matchless and historians find it as a great place to explore and unfold the facts of olden times.

The transportation facilities provided by the tourism authority of Athens is absolutely superb and well structured. The most important factor is that transportation is very much affordable and that adds to your purpose of a budget trip to Athens. Lots of private and authorized bus operators run up and down the Athens carrying tourists all the time. It is hard to find a period or day or a season without tourists in the city of Athens. The tour operators are too vigilant to serve the tourists even during the night time. Night services enable tourists for unique sightseeing during the night time.

The Attica zoological park is one of the important attractions of Athens. It was opened in the year 2000 and it is incredible to witness the number of bird species in this park. More than 270 different species of birds make their homes in this park and Attica zoological park is named as third largest zoological park in the world. Some rare wild animals are also present in this zoological park which includes kangaroos, reptile etc. metro line 3 of the railways make the transportation to the zoological park very easy. Apart from the bird sanctuary and wild animals, the park is constructed with a clear and great vision to arrange all sorts of entertainment for all kinds of people. Attica zoological park at Athens has turned out as one of the best hideouts for families as it had a beautiful garden and children’s park within the zoological park.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

The stadium which hosted the first Olympics in the year 1896 is world famous for the same reason. The stadium is commonly known as the “Panathen” stadium. This stadium alone can stand out as a single reason to attract tourists from all over the world to Athens, because of its historical importance. Panathen stadium is located at Ardittos hill in Athens. With a total stadium capacity of 70,000 people, Panathen stadium now hosts all major athletic and sport events. Panathen stadium is opened for tourists all the days, and it can be a wonderful experience to visit and to cherish memories of the very first Olympics.

The concert hall of Athens has attracted countless tourists in the past from all parts of the world. The concert hall is known as “Meragon” and this concert hall is considered as one of the best concert halls in the world. The architectural excellence and space inside the hall is absolutely a treat to watch for tourists. The concert hall is open all days to welcome tourists.

Hallstatt In Austria

Austria is one of the most beautiful European countries to visit. On a budgetary expedition in Europe, majority of tourists never missed to visit Austria, especially some of the very important cities in Austria renowned for their rich tradition and culture. Hallstatt is one of such cities which have something great to attract all types of tourists. Educational tourists will find Hallstatt as one of the must-visit places in the world because of the research opportunities they have in the salt mines of Hallstatt.

The hallmark of Hallstatt is the salt mines and it was found out long 7000 years back. The immense salt wealth of Hallstatt made it a good trade centre and people started relocating to Hallstatt. Archeological studies have got great scope on lake shores of Hallstatt as the salt varieties present there are definitely a subject of experimental research. A budget trip to Austria should not miss Hallstatt, as it won’t cost you anything to have some great knowledge about one of the unique places in the world, rich in natural wealth.

UNESCO has given high ratings for Hallstatt by including this city into the list of UNESCO world heritage site. The museums in Hallstatt is truly an amazing experience and the archeological museum situated in the city center of Hallstatt has some unique collections that has attracted tourists from every nook and corner of the world.

This is a region immensely blessed with natural scenic attraction and beauty. Once landed, everyone would feel it as the heaven on earth, which is the most important peculiarity of Austria. The mountains and valleys form a great composition to convey the nature’s miraculous sights in the world. Hikers and trekkers choose Austria as their best pick when it matters to hiking and trekking. Trekking over the mountains is a thrilling experience and the climate and atmosphere is absolutely conducive for challenging tasks like trekking.

Salts purchased from Hallstatt would be the best ever salts you would have ever added to your recipes. Hallstatt would be a unique location in the world where one can have an exclusive shopping for varieties of salts. Salts come in different forms such as huge pieces of crystal salts, bath salts, and gourmet salts etc. All varieties are available and it is available at a comparatively cheaper rate. Hallstatt is exactly located in the southeastern region of Salzburg city. One of the difficulties to reach Hallstatt is that, no direct trains are available from the Salzburg city to Hallstatt. From Salzburg you will have to catch a bus through any of the travel agencies.

Apart from that, you can get connection trains to reach the city of Hallstatt and that will be one of the thrilling experiences. The railway station at Hallstatt is located across the lake, and the first sight of Hallstatt city would be absolutely incredible with the site of lake as well. As a matter of all these facts, Hallstatt, a city in Austria is a city that you do not want to miss out on a budget trip to Europe.

Budget Trip To Valencia

Valencia is one of the very important tourist destinations in Europe. Valencia is situated in Spain and can be considered as one of the most beautiful tourist centers for all most all types of activities. If it is cinema, museum, business or anything, Valencia is the hottest city with everything to spend time. If you are planning for a budget expedition in Europe, Valencia is one of the cities to be included without compromise. Special care has to be taken to get the cheapest of the quotes for air travel and transportation to really make it a budget trip.

Valencia is rich in natural beauty and the seaport attractions in cities are something you don’t want to miss out. The sand on the sea shore is so fine, pure and clean, and everyone would like to have a sun bath at the sea shores. The uniqueness, with which the city of Valencia stands, makes it the great natural attraction of all times. The crystal water and vast open ocean along with huge mountains which form a great barrier is the best attraction of sea port cities.

There are lots of specialties in the streets of Valencia. A budget trip to Valencia will fetch you good products for cheaper rates. You can find numerous varieties of products ranging from hand made crafty works to materials of latest trend and fashion. If you are good in bargaining, you can grab those, even more cheaply. Apart from that, the city of Valencia is well known for the variety it has got in clothing materials. You can find clothing materials of different styles and stuff, suitable to wear in different climatic conditions.

The streets such as Sorni and Amoros are well known for its varieties in jewel collections. It is for sure and certain that you will find the jewel collections of your choice. Jewel items come in different ranges and if your budget trip is strict in spending for accessories, you can find stuffs without burning your pocket. Or, if you are in search of some luxurious jewel item you can get that as well of your choice.

The street markets are another attraction of Valencia. All streets of Valencia are packed up with markets, on all mornings of weekdays. From eatables to crockery, from wine shops to textile show rooms-everything you can find there of your choice. Apart from all these, if your budget is too limited to spend so much on shopping, you have another alternative as well. You will get second hand items for cheap price at the market streets of Valencia.

The cultural history of Valencia is something everyone should study and understand when you visit the city of Valencia. The statues and gates reflect the architectural prowess of old people and those are so strong to withstand anything, When you come to know that, the cultural symbols of Valencia, that are built in 13th or 14th century still remain as what it was, you can understand the skill, creativity and hard work of people of those ages. These cultural monuments are a must-visit aspect of the city of Valencia.