Entertaining kids in Paris!

Kids enjoy fun and entertainment. When you take your children to Paris on vacation, often they want to visit the most entertaining and fun areas around town. The children to start will enjoy the new atmosphere. Your kids however will miss their friends back home. It is up to you to keep your children occupied and see that their needs are met. The best way to handle this problem is to remember when you were a kid. Unleash that child inside of you, and join your children for the most exciting adventures in Paris. Make your day a learning experience.

Your children will likely enjoy donkey rides and ice cream along the banks of the Jardin de Tuileries. Along the left side of this area is the Jardin dul Luxembourg. Here your children and you will enjoy a broad range of entertainment suited for all ages. The Champ de Mars is another area you can take your children, which is located on the other side of Luxembourg.

Paris provides your children with exciting options, such as the famous puppet shows. At the puppet shows in Paris, your children will enjoy the colorful preclusions. The puppets reenact the Gothic Castles and the Oriental Palace adventures. The best puppet shows are held at the Champ de Mars. Your children will definitely enjoy the experience. Likely, you will enjoy the show as well.

Lastly, your children may enjoy a trip to Disneyland. Here is where Mickey and Minnie join with their friends in Paris so that children can have the time of their life.

Montmartre: the REAL paris

In Paris, as you roam the streets you will enjoy beautiful sights no matter where you visit. In Paris, tourists have a broad collection of tour sites and attractions. In Paris, you have a broad assortment of tour bus that will take you to destinations throughout the city. Tour buses in Paris are discretionary. If you choose to walk, you will see more of the surroundings. When you take the bus, often you will miss some of Paris’s amazing sights.


In Paris, you will take a trip to the Montmartre. This is one of the top chosen tour attractions in the capital city of France. In this region, you will likely enjoy the various sites of Paris as you stroll by the striking demoiselle or jeune fille Montmartre. This woman has a magnificent history.

On the tour, you may want to stroll down to the North Slopes of the magnificent Van Gogh. The painting is still hanging. Gogh walked the land of Paris many years. As you stroll on down through the streets, you will take pleasure in Paris’s exceptional studios. The lofts are elegantly full of well-appointed scenes. The scenery will channel you to paintings of famous artists, and memoirs where musicians once visited. In this region, you will view the homes of legendary celebrities.

As you continue through the streets of Paris, you will not want to miss the Moulin Rouge. This thoroughfare is one of Paris’s chief attractions.