Professional Smash Bros Players

Today, our reactors are gonna be playing a few rounds of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. What they don’t know is that their opponent will actually be a professional player in Super Smash Brothers. Ken has been competing professionally for over 15 years and is known as the king of Smash.

We’ll see just how well your average gamer stacks up against a real world pro. Well today, you guys are going to be playing Super Smash Brothers. – Yes, yes! – Okay, judging by your reaction… – I don’t play too much Smash. – I did win a little tournament on the React Channel last time, so hopefully this is… – Oh no.

– This is that next level. – I definitely play pretty well. – Maybe average. – Okay, maybe average. All right. – Forewarning, I get really competitive, so I’m really sorry if I yell in your ear.

Just let me know to turn it down. – I mean, we have headphones, so we’re good. – (FBE) This is actually Ken’s first video at FBE. – Really? – Yeah, it’s my first react.

– Wow, I’m honored to be a part of it. – I think you’re gonna do great, man. Something about beginner’s luck. – Beginner’s luck. – Let’s do this. Who’s your main?

– Who do you play? – I do Game and Watch, Luigi. – I like Ganon, Marth, Simon. – Simon?

Simon is so hard to play as, I feel like. – I’ll try Simon. Game and Watch. – Probably gonna go with Corrin. I do pretty well with Corrin.

– I play the Castlevania characters, I think or one of the Castlevania characters. – My boy. – Snake? – Yes. Where’s my cheetah?

There it is, the cheetah print. – Ganondorf? Why’d you pick Ganondorf?

– I like Zelda games. – Are you kidding me? – I like Ganondorf. You picked Pikachu? – I’m gonna go with Link just because.

– Classic Ganon versus Link matchup. – Dude, Ganondorf is way too strong and I’m low key kinda scared. – May the best man win. – Good. – All right. Oh, okay.

– [Bleep]. See, I can’t– Aw man, he’s gonna [bleep] put my ass on a platter right now. – What the– okay, hold on.

“I’m not that good.” He gets 105 damage in the first 10 minutes. What? – How do you dodge his projectiles? Oh, God.

You’re absolutely trashing me so far. Oh, [bleep]. – Oh.

Come on, come on. Look, look, look. You cannot do that to me. – I have a feeling he’s letting on and he’s much better than he says.

– I’m doing terrible and he is– I only got two percent of him. Move. Get out of my way! Ah, [bleep]. – Excuse me, sir.

I did not– oh no. – Nice hit. – This guy’s good. Ah, no. Went for it too hard.

I needed one. – You see how fast he’s eliminating me? I’m trying to get some good hits in, but it’s just not working. – Oh.

– Hey, I got one. I’m fine with that. – Nice. – I’m not gonna let him three stock me, if I can help it. – Ah, you got me.

– I just gotta try to bring it back now. – Come on. Literally can’t do anything.

– Oh my God. Ah! – I can’t get you. Come here.

– Nah, nah, nah. Stay away. Why? If you don’t– oh my God. – I’m trying to move and I can’t move. Oh my God.

What? I just got swept. – I am destroying you, like you said. I’m not gonna sugarcoat things. – Yeah, as long as he’s not gonna be, “Yeah, I’ll pick a different–” but I died in a minute.

– What the– – Oh. Okay, I accidentally hit the wrong– I had butter fingers. Butter fingers, man. Damn, that was good. – Ooh, that was cool.

I like seeing him. I’m not good with him, ’cause he’s such a zoner. – Yeah. – All right. I have a feeling he plays a lot more than I do and what he said.

So… – Why do you think that? – ‘Cause you [bleep] are dominating. – I mean, you took a stock so that wasn’t really domination. – I got one, so I’m happy. You’re still very good. – (FBE) We’re gonna have you two play one more round, but first things first, Michelle, did you find anything difficult about that first round?

– He’s really good. – Yeah, it’s like I really couldn’t get a hit on him at all no matter what. Did you play me? Was this rigged? – (FBE) Ken is actually a professional Super Smash Brothers player. – Dog, I freaking knew it.

– That’s why my ass got handed to me. There you go. Oh my God.

Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Dude, you are amazing. – Thank you. – I feel so good that I held my own a little bit.

– I started playing when I was sixteen. – Okay. – I started going to tournaments, won tournaments straight for seven years straight and then people called me King of Smash.

– Cool, King of Smash? – (FBE) So, for this next round, we’re gonna make it a little easier. Michelle, you’re gonna be picking both characters this time.

– Okay, okay. I swear to God, he’s still gonna beat my ass though. I’m gonna stick with my Pikachu. Wii Fit Trainer.

There you go. – I don’t think I’ve ever played this character. – I can’t deviate from my homie Snake. Let’s go ahead and give you Isabelle, just because she looks the least intimidating. – For me, I’m just gonna pick Young Link. Then for Ken, I’m gonna pick– let’s go with Pichu, just because that’s just the smallest character and I’m assuming I’m gonna be able to just hit him with a couple strong ones.

– I don’t really use Pichu, but he’s actually a top five character in this game. He’s fast. – I’m gonna pick Mario.

– Mario? – For you. – Okay.

– I feel like I know his moveset pretty well, so I’m probably gonna eat these words very soon. – Not a character that I use very often, but I got some fundamentals. – I’m going to play as Cloud.

I’m gonna have you play as– oh my God, the pressure’s on. Ridley. – Ridley? – I’ve heard that Ridley is not as good professionally. – I don’t know how Ridley works, so let’s see. – All right, cool.

I don’t believe you. I feel like you know all the characters. – I really don’t play all the characters. Good luck.

– Oh my God, I’m gonna need it. – I’m about to die. Dude.

He’s already pressing buttons and the game hasn’t even started. Get away from me. – Come on. Do your yoga skills on me.

Go. – Oh no. I’ve never seen that done before. That was strategic.

You set– what is that? Oh. No, no, no. – Oh, that’s so quick. – I’m still scared, but I’m doing okay.

– Whoo, come on. Yeeerm. Sheeerm. Oh no.

– Your landing is perfect. I should have known. I should have known that you were for real. You hustled me, man. – No, I– okay.

– Dude, dude, relax. Relax. Ah!

Okay, yeah, no. This is terrible. I’m terrified. – Oh, good hit.

That probably killed me. Yeah. I’m frustrated. – I should not have done that. That was a mistake.

– Come on. If I can at least kill you once, that would be great. No, damn it. I celebrated too soon. – [Bleep].

I keep accidentally wanting to die. Back up. – Oh my God.

– Oh. – Ah, how? How did you survive that?

– Oh, you bitch. He is really good He’s very good at predicting. – Can I just stall until the whole set of this is over? Bro, relax, no.

– I’m just running, bro. I am running. No, no! Oh, I got it. – Can you not?

Leave me alone. Yes, can one of these land, please? No! What in the hell?

– Oh, what? – Whoo! I killed him once.

I don’t care how this match goes now. – I gotta put you down once. I gotta put it down once more. – I think my tactic is just to stay up here. He got me while I was electrocuting you. Dude, dude, relax.

Oh my God. – I feel like I’m button mashing. Ah, good game. – I feel good. – [Bleep] you.

– I think I’m doing way better this round than I did the last round. Ah, no! I gotta eliminate him at least once.

Dude, he has 136 damage. Ah, let’s go! No. – Ah. – Let’s go!

I eliminated him once. – God dang it. – I can’t hit him. Oh my God.

I didn’t even know that move. Good job. – Damn, man. Ah, I [bleep] up. God, I [bleep] that up. What an anticlimactic ending.

– You did better against my Belmont. – You SD’ed. – I let him win. I’m just kidding. See, that is crazy.

He learned so quickly, too. – Come on, come on. Come on. This is no fair.

That was great. – You got me once. You got me once.

– I killed him once. That’s a victory for me. I loved this experience. Thank you for being here. – Yeah, no. It was fun.

– Damn. Ah, let’s go! I feel so intense. I knocked him out once, right? How much more can you ask when you’re playing against a pro?

– I mean, you picked Pichu. He does damage to himself. – Don’t degrade my win. There is some victory there.

– (FBE) How do you think FBE did overall in this gaming experience? – I mean, some of them were above average for sure and then some weren’t, but overall, I mean that’s not– everyone had a good time and I think that’s all that matters. – (FBE) Michelle, how do you feel overall about your performance today? – I feel defeated, but in a good way. – I feel weirdly put in my place and also feel kinda good. – Obviously, you played a lot of Smash.

I can see that. – Not as much as you, that’s for sure. – He’s definitely played a lot of Smash, I can see that. He’s good.

I mean, obviously he’s not pro level. He won’t be able to take a game off me, but a stock for sure, though. – Yeah.

– Yeah. – Okay. – Yeah, he’s putting in his hours. – He’s got skills, I can see that.

He’s got some skills. – He started with skill and then he’s like, “some skill.” – Needs a little more practice.

– Just gives me another level of respect for pro gamers. These guys are like real athletes. They’re not just people that you pick up on the side of the street. These are people that play and are really good at it, so there’s a little bit more respect there.

– Thanks for watching FBE get destroyed in Smash Bros on the React Channel. – Subscribe to see what games we lose at next. – Bye-bye. – Hi, I’m Ken. I’m a professional Smash Bros player for Team Liquid. Thanks for FBE for having me for their episode.

If you wanna follow me, link’s in the description. Bye.