Simple steps to make homemade laundry soap

Hi there, and I wanted to share with you today about the simple steps to make homemade laundry detergent so I thought since I was making it this Saturday, you guys could just make it with me. Making homemade laundry detergent can save at least 240 dollars a year. Before I started making it on my own, we spent at least 20 dollars a month on laundry supplies. All the supplies that I need to make many many gallons of homemade laundry detergent a year costs me under ten dollars for the entire year, so that’s a huge savings and homeschooling mamas, that would be a lot of great homeschool curriculum if you saved the difference and obviously if you needed to save the difference to put towards additional grocery purchases or gas, for field trips or travel, you can do that too. The three ingredients that I use, and see I just take a little baggie over the top when I already have my boxes open for storage.

I use Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda, my local Walmart has all of these things available, all these products. If your local store doesn’t, you can see a link at the end of this video to my blog post on how to make homemade laundry detergent and you can get the links to get it all on Amazon. This is Borax and then this lovely soap, Fels-Naptha, if I’m saying it correctly, probably not, this is a dollar a bar. The Borax is usually about, a little over three, not quite four; same with the Super Washing Soda and the bar of soap that I use is usually a dollar a bar and I go through probably three bars a year. So, what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna grate my soap, here with just a regular cheese grater.

I’m gonna boil water in my pot. I’m gonna add my soap. I’ll stir it while it’s boiling. Then I pour my boiling water into my bucket that I got at the hardware store.

I’ve been using this bucket for at least five years now, for my laundry soap. I’m gonna fill the difference of my bucket with hot water, and I’ll also add in approximately half a cup of Borax, half a cup of Super Washing Soda. Then, I take an empty laundry detergent bottle. I fill it halfway with my mix from my bucket. I fill the other half with water and then the laundry detergent does gel, so I just give it a good shake. This is a full one I did this morning before my bucket was empty and I add a cap to my laundry.

Now, my husband does mechanical work, as well as electrical work, we always get his clothes clean. I have pre-teen and teenage sons and they do lots of yard work. We always get their grass stains out. So, for five years we’ve had no trouble with it. We’re getting ready to have our seventh child.

It takes care of baby stains and all of that. So, you’re gonna watch me through the steps and at the end we’ll have a big old bucket of laundry soap. Okay, so I start with, I take my soap. Let me also add that I’ve talked to moms who, some moms like to use a bar of Ivory soap and that’s obviously cheaper than a dollar a bar. There are different soap brands out there people like. One of them is Dobre Mylo.

I have found some good pictures of the homemade laundry and dishwashing soap on of their website (Ukrainian language).

Dobre Mylo laundry soap

I love the smell of this old-fashioned soap. It says, “Laundry bar and stain remover.” So we are friends and that’s the only one I’ve used for five years.

So, I’ve also talked to some moms who use a separate grater for their soap, but ya know what? We use soap to wash our dishes, so this is the same grater that I grate our cheese with. We just wash it, it’s no big deal. No use for a separate grater.

When I first started making this, I had a super limited budget and even spending a few dollars for a new grater would put me over the edge so I’ve just used this one and you can tell, you know, it’s broken at the top also but it still works. It still does the job. So, it’s on my yard-sale-finding list. So, I’m gonna grate this whole bar, that’ll take a few minutes. I will also pause for a moment and get my pot of water boiling. I use about, you see how rough guesstimates this is, I use about half a pot of water and I boil the soap in it and fill my bucket the rest of the way.

That’s usually the only hot water that I need. Okay, so here is our plate of grated soap. I’m now gonna put this into our boiling water.

I’m gonna stir it while it boils until it’s all melted and we’ll take it from there. So this is the next, very uncomplicated step. I am just stirring the grated soap in the hot water and I’m gonna probably have to stir it here for about a minute and then it’ll be ready for us to pour into the big bucket. Okay, so I have boiled my grated soap and the water smells fantastic.

I’m gonna pour it into my big bucket here. Lots of steam, proving it is very hot (banging) and then I’m gonna take my half a cup of Borax, pour it in, and my half a cup of Super Washing Soda, pour it in, and then I squat down here like a good country woman and I stir up my soap. I’m gonna stir this, just for a little bit and then you can see how much is in my bucket. I’m gonna fill it the rest of the way with water and I’ll stir that up with a long painting stick probably and then this bucket will sit in the back by my washing machine – Oh yeah. – And when our bottle of laundry soap gets low again, I will fill my laundry soap bottle half with this mixture and half with pure water and I will use a cap full in every load, and again, making homemade laundry detergent costs around ten dollars a year and it saves well over 240 dollars.

Thank you so much and I’ll see ya next week.