Top 100 Games

Top hundred dunkey! The list is prepared based on analytics data from, online games reviews aggregator. Coming in at number hundred it’s gotta be Tumblr two uhh, even more pictures than Tumblr the originals- #99: Mortal Kombat I just like all the fatalities… I like all the… I like the voice acting “VENOM STING!”

“VENOM STING!” The game is a.. is a real knock out if you don’t mind me- Uh-Oh! Classic alert! This N64’s FPS revolutionized video games forever I’m talking about South Park You throw a snowball at a turkey Uh, and it’s even- the gameplay’s even better than Kessen but I had to put Kessen a higher spot ’cause Kessen even has better graphics than South Park even [Satoru Iwata]: “Home console” “featuring Yoshi” [Dunkey]: My Momma always told me that life was like a box of chocolates In that case, I want to be a caramel chocolate (“Billie Jean” begins playing) “I guess you could call that a home run!” “Welcome to vice city, papa mio!”

“My Momma always told me, be careful who you love – – my balls itch!” and she said be careful who you love and careful what you’ve done …and something scooby-doo AH, AH! “No, I’m Lance Bass!”

94 is Walking Dead: Chronicles of Riddick 93 is…God damn wing, versus, big, God damn it!, Godzilla Here I go with the overhead… Goddamnit!. [Announcer]: Darth Vader vs. Hoar [Dunkey]: I think Mortal Kombat was really ahead of the times with this crossover to bring the DC characters in and the announcer is excellent. [Announcer]: Darth Vader vs. Chewbacca Darth Vader vs. Boba Fett Vader vs. Thok [Game Announcer]: “Welcome to 1999” “The year of the cyber athlete” [Dunkey]: Whoa… [Game Announcer]: “The year of epic EA sports action” “The year we go big” [Dunkey]: Big!, Big!

Big!, Big! BIG! [Announcer]: “BIG!” [Tiger]: “That’s huge!”

“Nice, Bob!” [Dunkey]:The soundtrack on this game… it’s stellar! It’s amazing.. for a- It sounds like an action movie, kinda Tiger Wood vs.

Golf Cartwalker Now the goal of the game is to hit the golfcart Oh.. he cut left on that one Tiger using the seven iron here… ..and just beautiful shot. *Gentle applause* And that is a hit [Voice]: Please do not aim at the range cart [Dunkey]: Tiger going again.. and just crisp, clean shot. Will it hit though? Oh.

And we do see a hit there. [Voice]: I said, please do not aim your shots at the range cart [Dunkey]: Round three… FIGHT! Tiger’s really have to go far for this one It’s really a bumberfuck And we see ’em… we see ’em going… oh!

[Tiger]: “Best I’ve ever had” [Dunkey singing] :*Bam, ba, ba, bam, ba, bam, bam, OH! * *Bam, ba, ba, bam, ba, ba, bam, OH! * Oh he’s g- he’s going It’s going, it’s going! It’s going! OOOOOHHHH!

Bullseye! [Voice]: I told you not to do that! [Dunkey]: Best elevator music I’ve ever heard. #90: Dead or Alive volleyball What? I genuinely.. I like it for the volleyball.

Oh my god, who made this game? EA Big? [chuckle] Y’know what I’m sayin? Dynasty Warriors 2! Dynasty Warriors 3! Dynasty Warriors 4!

Dynasty Warriors 5! Dynasty Warriors 6! Madden 2007! Madden 2008!

Madden 2009! Uh… Madden 2010! Umm… Batman: Barkam City! Erm. Great- uh Great GRAMPHICS!. Uhh… great GRAMEPRAY!.

Uhh?.. Fuck you, Riddler!. #79: Shrek [Roy]: “Hey I’m Roy, your save fairy” “If you see me flying around, run up to me and I’ll save your game.” [Dunkey]: A lot of people think Marvel has the biggest combos but ClayFighter, I mean if you get hit once the entire match is already over Of course, y’know it never would’ve happened like that in Warbutt but, of course in Warbutt, the game is real life so if you die in the game you die in real life.

#76: Halo Safari So fun man, it’s even- it’s even better than Shrek. [Donkey]: “Whoa, whoa. Back it up, there!.” [Dunkey]: No, no, no! I never said that it was better than uh- Shrek- Shrek Mario Kart ripoff though.

That’d be ogre the line, y’know? T-This game is a lot of fun. [Hogan]: “You know brother, you think you got what it takes?” “to beat Hollywood Hogan?”

[Flair]: “You gotta be able to-” “-walk that aisle!” “Woo!” [Macho man]: “Bonesaw is ready!”

“Cum on my face, brother!” [Voice]: “Bitch I’ll kill you” [Dunkey]: Japanese games are always the best here we go *Laughing* You got Mr. Mosquito, you’re fucking suck on some asian girl’s titties It’s a pretty good game. (Dunkey is voicing all the characters) “Bitch get me some beer!” “Ah, here you go, have fun” “I’ll suck his dick for some beer” “cum on my beer, brother” “Hey, this beer tastes like shit!” “I want my money back” “I demand a refund” “Here you go” ‘Scuse me miss.

I would like some soup “Oh.. ye ok” “Here’s your soup” “Goodbye” *Laughing* “I’ll suck yer dick, old man” “Uh, oh!. Somebody peed in the soup.” Oh, yeah! climb that tree… Yeah..

Okay!. I-I’m gonna come clean, guys! I just like this game for the Jet Skis Go get the ball, doggy It’s so cute it reminds me of uh.. Pay you, Pikachu! [Boy]: “It listens, if only my family would” [Family]: “HUH?!?” [Boy]: “I’m talking to Pikachu, my new best friend” [Dunkey] That’s pretty sad [Boy]: “Watch this” [Sister]: “Pikachu!”

[Boy]: “My sister, the Pokemon master”. [Dunkey]: Dumb cunt. [Sister]: “Bulbasaur!” [Boy]: “Pikachu, this way!” “See, unlike my sister, a direct response” [Dunkey]: Yea, you fuckin slut. You can take a page out of Pikachu’s book.

[Dude boy]: “Dude, what’s this?” [Dunkey]: “Dude, it’s totally Pikachu” [Dude boy]: “Dude, can I play?” [Boy]: “Now, I’m everybody’s best friend” [Dunkey]: Tell me about it, dude! [Boy]: “Okay first, it’s a one person game” [Dunkey]: Yeah, dumbass.

[Boy]: “And second, you have to get Pikachu to trust you” [Dunkey]: “Yea!. He’s not gonna trust you. You look like a little scumbag” [Dude boy]: “Dude, so can I play?” [Dunkey]: “Dude, go fuck yourself!” [Mother]: “What did I say?”

“No WWF! (Now WWE)” [BoneSaw]: “Cum on my face, brother!” [Mother]: “What’s this?”

[Boy]: Now mom wants in [Sister]: “You talk to Pikachu” [Dude boy]: “And he actually listens” [Boy]: “Watch” [Dunkey]: “Pikachu! Go jump off a cliff!” [Dude boy]: “Dude, he didn’t do it” [Dunkey]: “It fucking sucks!”.

[Sister]: “Mom, I’m having a panic attack. I need my inhaler!” [Mother]: “Whatever, can I play?” [Boy]: “And if I were a commercial, I’d say” “Comes complete with microphone, N64 gamepad with built in voice-” “Can I play now?” [Mother]: “Get your own game!” [Dunkey]: “Alright, bitch!”.

This one looks pretty fun ‘Course that game’s not out yet Oh, neither is this one. The new Juno This isn’t even out either Ah! This is not a very prestigious list *Smooth jazz* What top 100 movies list is complete without Die Hard? Unfortunately, this is the game. Uh.

Nothing to do with that- OOOH! Ho, ho, ho! Now I have a rocket launcher Ho, Ho- “Bonesaw is ready to die hard” “Rocket launch my head off, brother!” Can’t go wrong with the old stand by I’m talking about call of Duty, brother Of course, it would’ve never happened that way on Warbutt, but, of course, in Warbutt you play as a cybernetic navy seal sent back in time to assassinate your own self. And of course the first video game of them all, “Game of the year” winner, 20 years in a row, Super Mario Brothers 2!

And who can forget the classic? The triumphant! System Shock 1 Truly a masterpiece Some games are timeless Like Bethesda’s epic action RPG The Elder Scrolls 1. Uh. It’s just as fresh as when it came out Uh.

Three thousand years ago And who can forget the dreamcrash crassic The jetset- I-Is that donkey? Bad Boys: Miami Takedown was panned by critics upon its initial release But some games are ahead of their times, y’know, It’s all about the fine details Like how they brought in the real Will Smith and Martin Lawrence To voice the characters [Martin]: “Hey, look, I got plenty of bullets,” “don’t need any of yours!” [Will]: That was charity, man!

Now, you’re just being ungrateful!. [Dunkey]: This flawlessly executed masterpiece Effortlessly combines motion controls with shooting Buhh, buhh, buhhh!, Uncharted for girls You get to play as Nathan Drake’s sister “Genius idea!” I chose the impossible I chose.. Shark Tale, Babyyyyyyyyyyyy!

You know what I’m sayin? That is a, uh, d- Furby. Furby. Furby.

“KILL!” At first, I didn’t think the NRA can make a good basketball game but this is damn fun! *Gunshot* Pokemon Red, they mastered the formula I mean, there was never a better Pokemon and then Pokemon Blue came out. That was even better than Pokemon Red!

And then, Pokemon Yellow!. That was just like, damn that is my sh- jam! And then Silver it was like kinda like playing second place But then in Gold I was like Damn, this is where the money went! This is even better than Shrek! [Donkey]: Whoa, whoa!. Back it up!

[Dunkey]:No, no, no!. I didn’t- I didn’t mean- I didn’t mean that it was- it was better than Gameboy Shrek of course *Guys, I don’t- I don’t really like this one. but don’t tell donkey*. And coming in at number 40 It’s a certain Dreamcast classic Staring a very fast blue little man I’m talking about Sonic 2006 for the Xbox, babyyyyy!!! [Rock]: If you smell.. What The Rock is cookin’ [Announcer]: Entering in the luxury sports car The Rock!!!

[Dunkey]: There he is!. I see him like, ten times He’s like a- [Voice]: Where’s Waldo? [Dunkey]: Where the fuck did he go? Hey hey hey, coming in at number 37 It’s c-razy taxi And coming in at 36 It’s cr-azy Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater And coming in at number 35 CRAAA-ZY Taxi And coming in at number 34 *Singing Goldfinger – Superman* DE, DUM, DA, DE, DUM, A, BAAAA!

BA, DA, DA, DA, CRAZY TAXI!!! And coming in at number 33 It’s- It’s C-Cray-rRRR *Zelda’s Lullaby* #32: Orcarina of Time CRAZY TAXI!!! “Uh, uncle.

I don’t want no trouble “I didn’t take the talisman. I want no trouble!” “UH. HU!. Where am I?”

“You know he ain’t goin be in Rush Hour 3” [Jackie]: You’re getting better! [Dunkey]: Oh, what’s Bret Favre up to now? He stole the muscle milk! Thief! “I want ’em dead!” “I want ’em fucking dead!”

Let’s get ’em boys! OH, NO! TONYYYY! I’ll get you, you motherfucker Brett Favre wall Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoaa!

Get back there!. I’m gonna get you! Oh, watch out for the horsey! *Hee, haw* Oh no, it’s the penguin!

Ah, I’m gonna get you! And the quarterback is toast! “My muscle milk money!” Hey, nice to meet you!

Oh, you BITCH! you just shoved- I got bigger tits you little- Flat-chested seagull bitch Get the hell outta here! Uh, they got a Warbutt game type Of course, in Warbutt, it wouldn’t be water It would be acid *Low groaning* 28’s McDonalds Simulator Gotta knock down the rainforest You gotta flamethrow the cows Manage every aspect of McDonald’s corporation at business meetings, market your products to children And of course, the front lines Ha, ha!. I’m lovin’ it. I’m loving this!

In Revolution X, you gotta shoot your way into an Aerosmith concert Hello, Chicago! *Walk this way! Walk this way! * Goodnight, everybody! [Stephen Tyler]: “Remember, music is a weapon”- [Dunkey]: During the N64 era, Rare dominated the market with an endless spree of awesome video games and for their last project on the 64 They chose to abandon the family friendliness they had been renown for With the very raunchy, Conker’s Twelve Tales Just not appropriate for kids at all Who can forget the rude bear boss? Or the gladiator level?

Or the very violent wild wild west level? Or the controversial dinosaur level? Just not appropriate for kids Take that shirt off, bitch! Huh? You giving me lip?

Why don’t you shut the fuck up, huh? Instead of giving me something- giving me lip Whatchu guys looking at? Huh? You want some too? You little bitch!

“Fuck my lifeeee!” #24 is Wall Street You have to catch stock brokers who try to commit suicide You gotta bounce ’em into the ambulance Bounce them to safety Door Fighterrrrrrrrrr!!! “It’ll be years before you can fight me, door” Fuck you, riddler! Now, I know there’s a lot of you 7up fans But for my money, the best soda game It’s gotta be Pepsiman Uh, up to 3D graphics. Destructible environments *muffled* *Donkey Kong Country theme* CRAZZZY TAXII! Lift the weight, lift the weight Kill the pikmin Dance with the doggy Shake the bottle Piss on my face, brother!

Pet my hand, Pet my hand Fight the man Better than Red Steel Stab the steak Eat your meal Shoot the bananas Fight the nose Jump on the banana *[Beard Burger Maste]: Cut the lettuce, Don’t forget the cheese! * [Dunkey]: Cut the lettuce, Don’t forget the cheese [Beard Burger]: Toast the buns, French the fries But they don’t hear me tho, but they don’t hear me tho [Beard Burger]: Bring on the ketchup, sweep the floors [Dunkey]: Bring on the ketchup, sweep the floors [Beard Burger]: Yeah, Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about! [Dunkey]: I just like this Tekken 3 for the volleyball I just like this Tekken Tag for the bowling It’s great [Announcer]: Great, Great! *Fight music* [Tiger]: “Best I’ve ever had!” [Dr.Light]: You must recover all the energy immediately, uh…Megaman!

[Dunkey]: #14: Dumbledorf’s Castle Uh. Much more challenging than Demon’s Souls Much better game! ‘Course, I gotta mention my favorite RPG of all time! Talkin’ about Two Worlds The multiplayer is marvelous It’s.. it’s to die for Welcome to Jurassic Park Visit my park Pet my dinosaurs And as a bonus hilarious joke I’ve released the Tyrannosaurus Rex! *laughing* [Chai]: But you are not going to Hong Kong! [Fake Ryo]: YOU BITCH!

*Bitch screaming* [Dunkey]: Coming in at #10 The beloved Playstation classic Full of majestic wonder and jaw-dropping spectacle Starring Kermit the Frog, Robin Williams, Will Smith and Don Cheadle Tetsuya Nomura’s Kingdom Darts [Goldman]: “I’ve been waiting for you, friends.” [Taylor]: “Goldman! Do you know what you’re doing!?” [Goldman]: “I’m fully aware of what I’m doing, can’t you see?!” “To protect the life cycle!” “Farewell, friends!.”

[Taylor]: “Goodbye, Goldman”. *Action music* [Dunkey]: I only like this Tetris for the story mode [Game]: “Fellow citizens” “We are facing the ultimate crisis” [Dunkey]: Customize your tetris You can be the chef Or maybe, you’re more of a cowboy guy Metal Gear VR missions really prepares you for my favorite game of all time Metal Gear Solid Don’t shoot the puppy is as simple as the title implies Just don’t fucking shoot ’em! This is impossible. *Singing Radiohead’s Song “Just”* *Japanese announcer* [Dunkey]: Of course, coming in at number two!

A certain multiplayer game that you guys know I love to play I’m talking about Dota 2, babyyyyyyyyyyy! You know I love this game! And the greatest game of all time is… ummmm… Uh. This looks pretty fun.